28th of March, Full Moon in Libra Ritual

28th of March, Full Moon in Libra Ritual

Affirmation: I am ready to live in harmony with myself and with others.


Tonight’s full moon in Libra, is a continuation of themes and seeds that have been planted in this last new moon. The sun which represents the self is in Aries, where it's exalted and it’s opposition with the moon in libra, will rise themes related of how you relate to yourself and with others. 


While Aries is all about individuation, Libra is about relationship. So a great opportunity to see fully how all the things that are unique and authentic about yourself are special, just like all the things that are unique and authentic about others are equally special. 


We do not all have to have the same view of the world to live in harmony. Harmony is when we can respect opposing view points and negotiate that both needs can be met. Harmony is having conversations where the outcome is not who is right, but how we can relate to an opposing perspective with respect.


I know this is easier said then done. We see a lot of heated debates and friendships being hurt because of opposing viewpoints in politics or having different opinions. Just remember that we're all doing our best. We can all be acting from a place of fear, scarcity, because we're human and we all have our blind spots. When we react by shaming and attacking others, the more we destroy the bridges of having conversations that can bring transformation and growth for all. The more we create disharmony. 


A full moon illuminates and shines light into unconscious behaviours. This is a great opportunity to see through our limiting behaviours and release them to Grandmother Moon. 


Whenever you find yourself feeling triggered by someone, shine the light back at yourself, and find within yourself, what wounds need to be healed. Have you found yourself  feeling resentful towards somebody because you are making someone else’s problem your problem? 


Just do you, focus on you, and mind your own business... 

Allow others to just do them and don’t focus on them. 

How does that feel? 



I instantly feel my breathing deepen, my body expand, shoulders drop and I feel lighter. When I mind my own business and just do me, I feel peace, flow, joy and confidence. 


I try to no longer to push my view of the world onto others, and this has been freeing. When I used to spend time trying to convince others to think the same way as me, or that starting a business was the ultimate goal, to feel happy and free, I realised that not only, I was imposing my own view point, but that I was making my friends overwhelmed, wasting my time and theirs.


I am learning to respect other people's chosen path and journey. Everyone knows what is best for themselves, and that's their own business, their path and journey, not mine. Even though I had the best intentions to help, I was actually just playing the “saviour” role, and what I've learned is, that this not my responsibility.


My sole responsibility is to save myself, by taking care of me. By focusing on me, my own self-healing, my own growth, my own actions and to see where do I need coaching, help and clarity. 


I also noticed that when I stopped comparing myself to other brands, that have been in business way before I have, I could relax and enjoy the process of where I am in my own business now, which is amazing and to which I am grateful for.


I don’t dwell on discussing politics, dietary choices, religion, because it's not my business to make someone see the world the same way as me. When I accept that someone has a complete different way of thinking and seeing the world, then I'm acting in harmony and in unconditional love.


We can spend so much time, energy and get so stressed-out, by not minding our own business. This is one way I find that I lose and waste my energy. And the more I practice self-care and self-awareness, I see the ways my energy leaks.


I find myself feeling more energy when I follow through this practice and when I start to feel less energy I know it’s because I am acting out unconscious behaviours and not taking care of me. When I push myself when my body is asking for rest to the point of burn out, I am depleting my sacred energy. 


I also started working with the sacred energy of my menstrual cycle and the moon. This is something I will be talking more about, as it has been such a game changer in my life. I created a moon/ menses tracker necklace, which I suggest that you sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know when it will be launched.


So what to focus on?

Focus on healing yourself, resting yourself, caring for yourself and choosing things that make you feel happy and good. Don’t dwell in the business of others and just focus and do you!


A full moon is the time in the cycle to release all that no longer serves you and where shadow aspects get illuminated. For this full moon ritual, sit for a few minutes in silence and reflect on all the places you are leaking your energy. 


In whose business are you dwelling on? 

What have you find yourself triggered about or by? 


See how you can bring all parts of you, back to yourself. Bring yourself all back to you, back home and back to your breath. 


Blow and release all limiting beliefs that no longer serve you to grandmother moon: All the arrogance, intolerance, self-righteousness within yourself (we all have it) and release it. It is important to acknowledge our hidden, shadow aspects that we all share due to being “separate” in this realm, with separate perspectives, points of views...



In this last new moon we worked with rose-quartz. For this full moon we will continue to work with rose-quartz to awaken our heart chakra and love towards others, and love towards yourself. It is only when you fully love yourself that you can truly love others.


I hope you enjoyed this full moon, let me know in the comments if this exercise of focusing and doing you and minding your own business has helped you feel more energy and relaxed?


Sending you love and light,


Dani xxx

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