Be the source, not the seeker -By Nikki Hillis

Be the source, not the seeker -By Nikki Hillis

Nikki Hillis photographed by Natalia Dunne @unleash_the_goddess


We constantly search for things outside of ourselves – attention, validation, acceptance, love, the perfect partner, abundance and happiness. If you find it only externally, it will be fleeting and not a deeply authentic experience of it! Give to yourself what you seek in others, look for whatever you seek within and give it away to experience YOURSELF as the source. A Sorcerer!

“When you become the source of that which you desire rather than the seeker of it, you experience yourself as already having that very thing.

But you need to prove to yourself fully that you already have it, and so you simply give it to somebody else. Because by giving away what it is you choose to experience in your life, you suddenly have a direct encounter with the truth—the truth that you are the source of that experience. ”– Neale Donald Walsh.

Do you desire to experience more love? Give yourself more love, encouragement, kind words, respect and switch off the inner judge. Then practice this in your everyday encounters. Cultivate compassion, respect and non-judgment for others. Buy yourself flowers, little gifts, touch yourself lovingly and speak kind words to yourself, Louise Hay’s Mirror Work is great for this. Identify what your love language is, read more about this in ‘The 5 Love Languages.’ By Gary Chapman and become an expert on how to fill up your own love cup.

Do you desire to be heard and seen? Get quiet and listen to your internal self more and begin to see the real you. Do the same for others, deeply listen to people, from a place of presence, and really witness them.

Desire a great relationship? Be a great partner. Make the decision to be the best partner you can to yourself and every single person you encounter in life. Support others, as you would want to be supported through life’s journey.

Desire more abundance? Cultivate the feeling of abundance within yourself. Start a gratitude journal and feel appreciation for everything you already have in your life, acknowledge all of the little things. This will open you up to receive more. Give to others, this doesn’t necessarily have to be money, you could offer your time to them and experience yourself as the source of abundance.

We focus so much on what we think we lack in our lives, the truth is we lack for nothing. We have just forgotten how to access it; we block it flowing to us by holding on to negative beliefs and conditioning around it or by seeking it and ‘wanting’ it from external sources.

Affirm ‘I am grateful for…in my life.’ Fill the blank with whatever it is you desire to experience more of. Really visualise it in your minds eye as if you are already experiencing it, feel it in your body. Stop affirming ‘I want more of …’. If you are constantly focusing on and affirming a ‘want’ you will always be ‘wanting’ that thing. Words hold power, so choose them wisely. The Latin root of the word “want” means “to lack or coming from lack.” While the Latin root of the word “desire” means “to await what the stars shall bring.” The Latin root of ‘am’, as in “I am”, is love. You are LOVE; you are an infinite source of love. Start mastering your inner sorcerer and BE the source.


Nikki Hillis is an Intuitive Healer, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Women’s Wellness Educator & Kuan Yin Qi Gong Instructor. On a passionate mission to guide women home to themselves and to live a life of embodied radiance, wholeness, pleasure & health.

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