Born a Mother, A Poem To Celebrate Mother's Day

Born a Mother, A Poem To Celebrate Mother's Day

Hello Beautiful Gem,


This month to celebrate mother's day I am sharing the poem I wrote after my daughter Lila Sky was born. I have been writing since childhood and studied screenwriting in art school and also published a few books that I will soon relaunch here in this shop.


Born a Mother


I was born the day you were born

That's when my heart began to beat

Love gives life and we live searching to feel alive through love

My mother used to say that she loved me unconditionally

And that I would only know what that was, on the day of your birth

The day that you were born a piece of me died

The "I" that cared for "I" alone

The "I" that didn't know how to truly love

You see, I had this idea, this illusion of what love was...

I thought it was somewhere outside

A possession to be won, to give and take

I thought that it only belonged to some and came with conditions and a manual

I was blind to see that love is our birthright

That life is born out of love

The day you were born, you gave birth to the unborn me

The mother in the I, that is love to all of life.



Hope you enjoyed reading this gem and that it brings you warmth and healing!



Dani xxx





Dani xxx

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