February 27th Full Moon in Virgo Ritual

February 27th Full Moon in Virgo Ritual

This upcoming full moon is in virgo with Saturn square Uranus, has a challenging aspect that reflects our collective longing for change, due to the feeling of loss of freedom. A conflict arrises between old ways of thinking and new paradigms, that impose a threat to  tradition.


Saturn that rules Capricorn, symbolises government, rules, laws, discipline while Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius, the revolutionary visionary that defies tradition and seeks freedom from conventional thinking. In this square you can understand the opposition of ideals.


This can stir a bit of inner turmoil within you. You may feel the urge to defy authority figures, leave the city to start your biodynamic, permaculture farm and micro-economy! Why not? But the beauty of inner conflict is that a breakthrough is always near. It helps to empower us to want change, to want growth and to take responsibility to take the reigns of our lives to take action. 


We also have this full moon (emotions) quincux/ inconjunct Saturn. Which creates a need to make new adjustments related to areas of work & responsibilities. 


However we have a positive aspect as the full moon trines Uranus, which allows the planetary energies to flow easy, so that our longing for change and new ideas can be realised and implemented.


How is this full moon affecting you personally? 

Lack of freedom and old ways of thinking can be challenged. Perhaps you feel that the government is responsible for you, which takes your personal power and responsibility away. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to allow your visionary, inner rebel to come out in a way that serves humanity, by starting that side hustle that can help to put your finances in order. There has been successful takeaway catering businesses born during the pandemic out of need, new e-commerces born, ideas flourishing... 



For this new moon, create a magical ritual by lighting candles. You can try a youtube binaural beats playlist to bring your brainwaves into alpha. This naturally creates a state of meditation where you are able to receive creative downloads, that come from a state where the analytical mind closes off. 


Hold your heart and ask it, what resource within can I tap into now? 


Which skill, desire, ideal is ready to be born to transform you into a conscious co-creator with the universe. You are so powerful. You are the one you've been waiting for. I love the Hopi philosophy,  "We are the ones, we've been waiting for". This makes me feel empowered.


With your back straight, hold your mala between your middle finger and thumb. Take deep breaths as you inhale and exhale and allow yourself to receive images, messages, downloads and inner guidance. This can manifest as feelings that create a warm expansion in your heart.


I highly recommend to journal your experiences and downloads. With the aid of your analytical mind, you can write small (baby) action steps that you can focus on.


My favourite full moon ritual is to go outside and consciously blow to grandmother moon all the limiting beliefs that are needed to be released in that cycle, such as: Fear of judgement, failure, rigidity, negative feelings. Blow one by one to Grandmother Moon that will take them all away and transmute them. Sometimes I write down these limiting beliefs, and burn them one-by-one.


In a full moon, leave your crystals & gemstone jewellery outside to be cleansed by the moon.


Recommended Gemstones:


Clear Quartz for cleansing and clarity:


Amazonite for creativity


Labradorite for visions:


Moonstone, great for all moon rituals and an ally for women:



I hope you enjoyed this full moon ritual. Astrology is a lifetime passion of mine and I am lucky I met my teacher Vania Mello at the age of 16. One of my passions is to learn through self-study and I love doing readings for my family and friends for fun.


Stay tuned for more moon rituals, moon magic and moon wisdom, because tuning yourself with the cycles of the moon is a powerful resource.


Sending you love and light & a powerful full moon ritual, Dani

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