February New Moon in Aquarius Ritual

February New Moon in Aquarius Ritual

Tonight's new moon in Aquarius has 6 planets in Aquarius (in Vedic astrology capricorn), which intensifies all of the characteristics of Aquarius of wanting to engage into intellectual activities and collective thinking. You might feel an urge to read books that talk about alternative, collective living, such as books by Fritjof Capra on changing cultural paradigms for a ME=WE way of thinking and acting or Jamie Wheal, ideas on Buddhist economy, like the beautiful "small is beautiful", by E. F. Schumacher, with case studies such as, Bhutan where happiness was rated as highest in all of the world. This New moon is a chance to tap into the discovery of who you are, what are your gifts and what are you bringing to the table to give back to the whole, to humanity and to the planet.


With this Aquarian energy, you will be shifting into wanting to be of service, such as contributing to causes you believe in, activism, creatively solving problems and disrupting old systems. The new moon is the time you can literally start from zero energetically and envision a new beginning of what story you will create for this new cycle that will end in the next new moon.


We women are cyclical beings. We are so connected to the moon and its phases. We have the same rhythms of the moon internally, with our Menstrual cycle. Our ancestors who had no pill, no birth control, tracked and synced the moon with their menses and talked about how these cycles altered our states. Working with moon rituals are a great way to connect with nature and to live more intentionally.


So for tonight's ritual the word is agape. Agape in Greek is the love for humanity, very different from Eros (passion) or romantic love. And what better gemstone for agape then rose-quartz. The gemstone that in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) crystal healing system opens the heart and to the realization that we are all related in love (song by Nessi Gomes).

We have a stunning rose-quartz self-love mala this month and it is through self-love work that we can truly serve humanity.


Working on self-love  is a great theme for a sister circle theme. In my own group we reap together the benefits of working on this theme together, in a safe, non-judgemental place.


I highly suggest for this cycle to start a power of 8 intention group where you create a group of 8 people committed to focus your energy on the intention of a different person from the group each week. The abundance of little miracles we are experiencing is mind boggling: https://lynnemctaggart.com/courses/intention-masterclass/the-power-of-8-intention-masterclass-2021/


As usual for this new moon, I would like to suggest you to journal the question, "What am I the most passionate about? How can my passion serve humanity"?

"What are my gifts? What do my friends, colleagues and family keep telling me that I am great at?", This can be simple as listening without judging, cheering people up, your sense of style... These little things can always serve humanity, such as starting a group to share experiences, such as, mother groups, sister circles... Paraphrasing Douglas Rushkoff the author of "Team Human" says, you can start little and locally to serve humanity. 


I hope you enjoyed this new moon post, which I regularly post on Instagram and now on the Blog. Do share in the comments if any of these books, ideas and rituals spoke to your heart and if you will be trying any of them out?


Sending love and light,

Dani xxx

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