How to Set Intentions to Help you Manifest your Dreams

How to Set Intentions to Help you Manifest your Dreams

Setting intentions is a great way to manifest your dreams. We as humans are powerful beings and can create our own reality simply through manifesting. You are the only thing stopping you from your dreams and desires! You are the “creator” of your life and once you are clear about this, and clear about what you truly want to achieve, you can begin taking that first step towards your dream. Because manifestation is intention in action. The path will start to unfold as you go.


Setting intentions can be done anywhere and anytime. However, setting intentions at particular times is helpful in attracting one’s desires. The most common times to manifest are monthly and through daily practices. Read on to find out how to set intentions for both times. 


Monthly Intention Settings 

For a monthly intention setting, having them coincide with the moon cycles is powerful. Each lunar phase connects to a different energy. New Moons are especially powerful for setting intentions. That is because this is the start of the moon’s phases. Setting intentions with the new moon, you are setting it with the energy of the growing moon, thus watching your intentions grow as well.  


Creating a ritual is important in monthly intention setting because it deepens the impact our manifestations have. Write, speak, or visual your intentions into existence. If you have an altar, placing herbs, crystals, and items that connect to the energy of your desire also help. For example, if you are wishing for more abundance, you can place citrine and coins on your altar.  


Daily Intention Setting

A daily practice can be great for calling forth intentions quickly. There are many different types of ways to set daily intentions, but here are some popular and easy options:


Write Them Down

The pen is a powerful tool in manifestation and intention setting. In fact, it is almost like a magic want, setting your intentions into motion from the universe.  Writing these out, you bring this energy from your mental state into the physical world by having a tangible representation. 


Journaling daily is a wonderful way to strengthen your intention. Through this daily practice, you call forth this energy into your life. 


Have Mantras  

As the pen is powerful, so is our voice. Using our throat chakra, we can speak intentions into existence. Have a mantra that you repeat either every morning or every night. It is key to be consistent.


One great method of speaking mantras is to have a piece of crystal jewelry that you speak this mantra to. It’s a lovely reminder of your intention as you wear it for the day. 


Create Vision Board

Vision boards are a common and fun way to set intentions. They are also called manifestation boards, and these visual diagrams are a beautiful reminder to your consciousness of the goals you wish to call in. 


Find pictures in magazines and collage your intention in a physical way. For example, if your intention is for inner peace, what does that look like to you? Is it pictures of nature? A photo of someone meditating? Add these to your board to remember the dreams you have. 


Once you have your vision board, this can be a good thing to look at daily. Place it in a location you commonly see, or have it on your altar and set aside sacred time for looking at your board. 


Wear your Intentions as Jewellery

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, jewellery is used to set intention and for manifestation. Certain gemstones, such as a clear quartz can bring clarity and amplify your power of manifestation. Gemstone Jewellery worn daily can heal blockages in the energy centres clearing limiting beliefs and bringing self-love and confidence, which is so important for manifestation work. Jewellery can also be used in meditation practices, such as a mala or japamala for breath work or gazing at the gem in silence. 


There are many other ways to set intentions. Learn which ways best work for you and unlock the power you have to create your reality!


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