Interview with the Muse: Marie Nyty

Interview with the Muse: Marie Nyty

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This month we are starting our first "interview with the muse" series, with the star of our Valentine's Day Self-Love Campaign, Marie Nyty also known as Nyty. Marie and I became good friends after we met at a wellness event in Toulouse, then started meditating together, and together we worked in Ecstatic Dance Toulouse events too.


Marie and I are in the same sisterhood, sister's circle in the South of France, where we get together monthly with healers for self-development, healing ceremonies to heal ourselves and the world. 


Last year Marie joined Lila in the Sky, helping me make jewellery, and now she is not only responsible for the jewellery production, but she is also designing with me new jewellery, which I am so excited about. Marie has been beading since she was a girl, and she can make exquisite, intricate patterns that we cannot wait to launch soon. So stay tuned and grab your cup of tea and let's dive into this magical universe, Nyty's Universe.


Tell us who you are and what you do?

I’m a creative spirit and a healer. I do massages, energy healing, tattoos, paintings, jewels, cook vegan dishes at a yoga centre and organise dance events in Toulouse.


What is your sign?



What do you feel is your mission in life?

To create beauty.


What makes your work so unique?

I think it’s the depth I put into it. It’s how I connect with the magic inside me and also my sense of aesthetics. I’m a curious and also multicultural person so I get inspired and learn from all the things I touch.


When did you discover your gift?

I had these massage skills since childhood as it was a practice in my family. As for the creative side I remember loving it for as long as I can remember. I loved beading, drawing, building forts, making costumes and creating make-up looks etc. I loved imagining stories and playing in my grandparents’s garden with my cousins. But as I grew up, I kind of lost these interests for more intellectual studies. It was in my twenties that I realised that even if I’m good at other things that might seem more recognised by society, my gifts are in doing creative and healing things that nourish my soul.


Do you have a hobby or hobbies?

Yes, painting, drawing, different kinds of urban dances, yoga...


What is your morning routine?

When I wake up I look at the trees outside and pet my cat. I thank for this beautiful day ahead and ask: what beautiful adventures and gifts am I gonna experience today?

I put on music that makes me wanna dance and dance my way to the bathroom. I take a cold shower to wake me up and then consciously put my jojoba oil infused with jasmin and ylang ylang on my face and massage it. I ask it to bring me joy, beauty etc. Also do a little cristal healing around my face and body. I go to my living space and light up some kind of incense or sage. Then I pick an essential oil and put it on my wrists, sometimes on my sweater to smell it during yoga.

I move to my yoga mat and do some yoga and meditation. Sometimes I do meditation with a video, sometimes I do breath work and other times I do Horus Alchemia meditation or Microcosmic meditation. I’ll do a light shower visualization to cleanse the negative energies and recharge with compassion and love. And again a crystal healing thing where I move it around my chakras. Then I do some access bars on myself ( it’s a cellular memory cleaning to get rid of old programs and limiting beliefs) and I’ll do a visualization work and energy pull to attract what I want.

Sometimes I play some sacred instruments like crystal and Tibetan bowls and sing in an invented language and then once I’m up I’ll do a bit of qigong. After that I’ll write in my journal while drinking a hot infusion.

*Disclaimer: I’m human and I have days were I don’t do all theses things and it’s totally okay.


What is your self-care practice?

Yoga, meditation, self massage, nighttime rituals and rest.


What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a healer, a witch who understands nature and does magic. It’s also being a vessel of pleasure and creativity. It’s being in contact with the goddess and also being human with vulnerability, sensitivity, strength and wisdom.


How do you feel about your menstrual cycle?

I’ve learned to be grateful for them and see them as a beautiful process of life.


When do you feel most empowered?

When I’m doing what I like with authenticity and sharing it with others. When I’m surrounded by my woman sister’s as we empower and support each other. When I’m not afraid to shine and show my beauty. When I’m free of judgments and I’m just being.


What would you tell your younger self?

I’ll tell her that I love her and that she has treasures inside herself. That I’m here for her in the dimension I’m in and that I thank her for her strength. I’ll tell her that she is beautiful inside and out no matter what she hears or experiences. That she doesn’t need to pretend being someone else to be appreciated and accepted. I’ll tell her to be true and listen to her intuition. I’ll tell her that holding grudges and anger is hurting her, not protecting her. I’ll tell her to focus on the beauty of life. I’ll tell her she deserves love.


Do you have any rituals you do?

I draw oracle cards when I need guidance. I do full moon rituals and write. I started celebrating my moon time and painting with my blood. I do self love rituals where I make sex magic and other techniques as I’m experiencing pleasure, while listening to sacred frequency music.


What are your beliefs?

I believe that I’m the creator of my experiences starting with how I think. I believe that everything is happening for a reason and that the hardships I might encounter are here because I’m strong enough to deal with them and grow from them even if I don’t understand why that is right away. I believe that I’m having different lives in different dimensions and times.


Favourite book and why?

Well I love fantasy novels as I love everything with faeries, elves, dragons...they feed my imagination. But I’ll say one that helped me a lot was Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch.


Which Heroine are you?

Ellana Caldin ( a fantasy female warrior character in a French fantasy trilogy).


Do you have a favourite exercise activity?

Yoga and House Dance. I just started Tribal Belly dance fusion to tap into my womb power and sensuality.


What is your favourite gemstone?

I love my big Rock Crystal with its pine tree shape in it , my big raw Amethyst point and Rose Quartz too. Lapis lazuli, I’ve always been attracted to, even before I knew about "lithotherapie" (Crystal Healing) because of the depth of its colour with its golden sparkles of pyrite. I remember one story I red as a kid where they talked about this gemstone in the temples of Constantinople. I thought it was so mysterious and magical.


How are you changing the world by just being you, or something that you do?

By being me and showing example of an other lifestyle that’s not so conditioned by the general system of consumerism and fear. I’m also vegetarian ( mostly vegan), I try to reduce my waste and buy organic. I avoid chemicals and prefer natural medicine.


What message would you like to leave behind for the ones you love and to the world?

That everyone has there own special gift and that they are precious. By living their talents they offer these gifts back to the world.


Thank You Marie!!! Hope you all enjoyed our first "Interview with the muse" series of our Red Tent Blog.


If you want to write or connect with this magical fairy, her Instagram is @nyty_universe and you can also discover her universe over at


Tell us if there is anything in this interview that Marie shared that inspired you, and if there is anything about this multi passionate Goddess you would like her to "spill more gems" in future articles!


Sending you all Love and Light! XXX

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