Lila in the Sky's 2 year Birthday Blog!!!

Lila in the Sky's 2 year Birthday Blog!!!


Two years ago today, as soon as Jupiter went direct and the planets were aligned, I pushed the publish button of my new online shop, Lila in the Sky, and launched it to my friends & family, and less the 100 followers on Instagram. I got two orders and did a happy dance. My dream of making sacred jewellery to celebrate life and adorn the temple of our bodies, the vehicle that allows us to experience life, had began.


This all happened after I came back home from a Shipibo-Conibo shamanic ritual with a shaman I have known for many, many years. I had been feeling quite lost and restless, searching for meaning and clarity. I had just stopped teaching art and painting classes and was teaching English as a second language part-time. I knew I wanted to continue doing something in the arts, and something that brought me revenue. In many previous ceremonies I had already understood that my soul’s calling was to express art, beauty and play. But it took a few more long and winding roads, to find myself in my path of inner fulfilment and clarity.


So I headed to see the shaman I love and respect greatly. My intention for the ritual was to “live in abundance”. The answer I received was that I already lived in abundance... I just needed to acknowledge it. I had lived a beautiful and blessed life. That I was all the universe in a soul, and that I was an important piece of oneness. I learned a lot and had so many downloads of information that I journaled down, but will keep this long story short. I perhaps will share some of these downloads it future posts.


We are all one living in a symbiotic, interconnected relationship. Life is abundant. It gives us so much. It also gives us important lessons that may be challenging, but they are actually gifts to grow our souls. To experience abundance we need to first acknowledge that we have been given the most beautiful gift of life and experiencing life. Abundance is about gratitude and the acknowledgement, that what we already have is enough. We also need to feel worthy of receiving. Receiving is to be open to receiving what the universe is trying to give us daily. Help from friends, life changing advice we don’t want to hear, simple pleasures, wealth... 


My big lesson was, that I had to learn how to receive the abundance, that I had been blocking all along. I had to learn how to ask and to accept help from the people in my life that wanted to help me. I had to dedicate myself to help and serve others and stop trying to control my life... By controlling I mean buying into a cultural narrative of boxes to tick, and living my life trying to achieve the goals that I had been told to achieve, but didn’t come from my heart. I had to learn how to allow life to unfold and choose the things that brought me joy, for the frequency of joy attracts joy, and it attracts abundance. 


So immediately after the ritual I confided in my friend Audrey, a digital marketer, who was only an acquaintance at the time, that I had no clue what I was doing and was figuring out what I would be doing next. She asked me why I stopped making jewellery, which was had been a hobby of mine. I told her It was just a hobby because it never sold on etsy... Then the words "may I help you" dropped out of her mouth, Oh la la, sending shivers across my spine. I would have said “no” before, why bother other people, you know... asking and accepting help was not something I was comfortable with, so I said YES! 


Audrey coached me. I launched my shop. I sold my jewellery to people I didn't know and some of them became collectors. I put myself through an online business school. I sold out mid morning in a yoga festival. Shops started buying my jewellery. Then I got in one of Europe's most beloved wellness chain, Nature et Découverte that awarded me with a certification of top seller.


My jewellery is now currently in 7 shops including Nature et Decouverte which has shops in 5 European countries! This year we started working with our first British brand that sold out of their entire stock before even launching their shop, which was amazing. 


So what’s happening now? 

This year I turned into a little, production, factory machine. I love making jewellery, but I found myself once again feeling anxious as one person to do massive orders. My friend Marie, who is an incredibly talented artist and into wellness, spirituality and personal development offered to help me, and once again I remembered that it was time to receive the help that the universe wanted to give to me. 


Marie is actually, as passionate as me, in beadwork and making jewellery that she has now joined our team! So far the team is mainly my partner Guillaume who discovered his passion in the business and helps me with all the logistics and Julie that helps me immensely and creates social media content for me.  I also work with the multi-talented, multicultural photographer Pattie Fellowes, that helps me with branding and is a muse, figure in my life. I have learned and evolved so much through this 2 year journey. 


What’s next?

In the beginning of this year I completed my certification in crystal healing. I already had a lot of knowledge about crystals, but wanted to dive deep into crystal healing, known in French as, Lithothérapie. So after I finished and completed the course, I found myself a bit frustrated... My university background is in Art and Science. I studied Nutritional therapy when I lived in London, and the artist and intuitive part of me understood that most of the crystal healing courses came from channelling. I channel myself and know we all have this access to information within us all. But the scientist in me was not truly happy with all the crystal healing courses out there...


This is why I am currently studying the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of crystal healing and how certain gemstones that emit infrared radiation and  piezoelectric, energy conductivity, influence the biochemistry of our bodies and in the language of TCM, influences Qi, also known as life force or prana.


I was quite pleased to find a niche within my niche. You see a lot of the brands that work with gemstone jewellery, touch superficially on the aspect of crystal healing. But there is so much depth in the scientific and Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to crystal healing, that has become the foundation of Lila in the Sky and what I am passionate about. 


No other brand in the world is working with this TCM method and in-depth system of crystal healing, so Lila in the Sky has truly become a pioneer in this area. My highest intention is to bring out more pioneer, groundbreaking jewellery based in this centennial wisdom. So when you buy a Lila in the Sky jewellery, you are not just adorning your body, but you are allowing the crystals to detox your body with it’s built in infrared technology, you are supporting your circulation and moving your Qi, your “Shen”, which is the spirit carried in the blood and circulation (TCM has been widely researched in Science, but the medical language and terminology is poetic). I absolutely love Traditional Chinese Medicine and have been exposed to it by seeing an acupuncturist when I was first 10 years old to this day. 


The other great news is that I have also started designing my own gold designs. Drawing and painting is a big part of my life, I was an art teacher, a certified art therapist and went to university for Art. So for Lila in the Sky to fully express the gifts I have to share with the world, it was fundamental to start designing my own unique, gold pieces with unique drawings and healing symbols, which expands my heart with so much joy, to be fully of service to my customers, in this magical way. My first design is now finished and completed and it’s inspired by Shipibo-Conibo medicinal, ceremonial healing. Subscribe to my newsletter to be notified of it’s launching date.


Today I give and receive joy and abundance in everything that I do. I give back to a cause that means so much to me. My jewellery allows me to support APIB, articulations of Indigenous peoples of Brazil. It was the people of Amazonia and their sacred, traditional, medicinal ritual that transformed my life. The indigenous people of the Amazon are our teachers, and the guardians of Gaia and Amazonia. We need to preserve the people of the Amazon, in order to preserve the source of wisdom and their habitat, The biggest Rainforest of the world, which is the foundation of preserving all life in our planet. 


 The Amazon is the heart and lungs, also known as the heart chakra of our planet. The jewellery I make with my hands supports life and the preservation of the most beautiful treasure and wisdom that exists, our sacred rainforest, the portal to the spirit world. 


Today I am writing in gratitude of living through love and passion. I am no longer seeking what is outside of me. I am experiencing the joy within me, that I share with everyone. I still make mistakes in business and in life, I still fall but I get up, I still forget and remember the lessons, I am human and I am still learning... That is life. But I know the universe has my back and wants what is best for you and me, even if we don’t agree. I know that we're one and that I am an important part of oneness. I also know that joy feels better with the ones you share it with. That to me is the true meaning of abundance.


I hope you enjoyed this Birthday Blog Post, and share with me, what is your dream piece of healing jewellery, you would like to have designed and available in Lila in the Sky. I would love to know!


Dani Hunter

Parabéns Dani 📿 ❤️ This journey is incredible and magical. You bring so much beauty into this world and I am truly happy for you. May this journey keep unfolding in better ways than you could have imagined. I’m cheering for you ✨ lots of love, strength and faith for the next adventures

Dani Hunter

Beautiful heart felt words Dani and such a powerful story of following your inner guidance on a path of passion & Joy. What an amazing brand you have created and thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Celebrating you and your gorgeous brand Xxx

Dani Hunter

This is such a heartfelt post, I loved every word and to see your business transform like it is doing and in two years, means that your service of healing jewelry is needed in this world. I love that your are carrying out TCM studies with crystals this is what we need the science behind why these crystals and you are here it teach us. I look forward to watching you grow as each year passes. I love your charity work as well this is inspiring and look foward to learn how Lila in the Sky will support such a project in Brazil. Wishing you the very best, now and always. Love Avril.

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