New Moon in Aries Ritual , 11th of April

New Moon in Aries Ritual , 11th of April

Tonight's new moon in aries brings in the action and dinamic qualities that might have been dormant within you, as aries is the 1st sign and where the cycle of the zodiac begins. If you relate this to the energy of the new moon, which is the energy of new beginnings, you can really take advantage of this cosmic energy to give you that extra push and blessing that takes place, when you harness these invisible energies into your advantage.

There are a lot of auspicious aspects occurring in this new moon, such as Mars trining jupiter and the sun is sextiling (very auspicious) both Jupiter and Mars. Which brings courage, confidence, opportunities and a burst of energy.

Using the wisdom of astrology & the cycles of the moon is a game changer. This knowledge allows to put certain intentions into action by working with invisible energies that help you to plan out and structure your action plan & goals.

So for this new moon you need to take an action, to tell the universe you are ready for action and that you are answering the call to adventure in your heroine's journey.

Download "The Desire Map" by Danielle Laporte. This easy to read, action filled exercise book is one of my favorites to align your core feelings and values with an actionable plan. My friends and I did a book club during Christmas holidays to map out our new year in a more fluid, surrendered way that is the signature style of Danielle Laporte.

Light a candle when it's dark, play some binaural beats and hold a clear quartz for clarity taking deep breaths. Observe what is rising up in your awareness.

If you want to know all of the ways you can incorporate clear quartz in your rituals and meditative practices you can watch my clear quartz video on the Lila in the Sky YouTube Channel. It is the most popular video and I am creating a digital crystal library so that anyone can become a crystal healer.

Check out our clear quartz pendulum necklace:

*I have started an astrology reading service together with my teacher & astrologer Vania Melo. We still have not been able to launch it to the public because we have been covering an overwhelming queue. But will offer this mind-blowing service to all in the right, auspicious time. 

Let me know in the comments how are you using this new moon energy in your own life?

Love and light,

Dani xxx

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