Valentine’s Day Is A Day For Self-Love Campaign

Valentine’s Day Is A Day For Self-Love Campaign

 Photo by Pattie Fellowes

 What if valentine’s day was a day to celebrate acts of self-love towards yourself?


What if it was a day you could date and pamper yourself, being fully present in your glorious body and showing it unconditional love?


What if you could book that special restaurant or cook that special dinner, decorate your table with candles, flowers and play that playlist that makes you feel so in the zone, so loved, expanded and light?


What if you bought that box of chocolate, goddess lingerie and jewelry as a present to say “I love you”, to yourself?


This is what our Lila in the Sky conscious campaign is all about. We are changing the narrative! Valentine’s day is a day for self-love, self-care, self-pampering and self-dating. It’s a day to treat yourself and for this occasion I weaved you a new limited edition self-love Mala (an improved and more sophisticated version from our previous self-love mala). You are your soul-mate, your valentine and other half. There is nothing you need to find outside yourself, that is not already within.


In a previous blog post, I explained why practicing self-care for self-love is an act of revolution which you can find here:

And you are the forefront of this revolution. Like attracts like. And you, me and the healers in this community, we are attracted to each other for a reason. We are awakening and healing together as sisters. There is no Guru out there, that knows your path better then you. And it’s not only by hiding in a Himalayan cave that one achieves enlightenment. Enlightenment is the awareness that everything is an extension of you. That you already embody love and can choose love, even when it’s hard and ourself-righteousness wants so stubbornly to be right. It’s forgiving others to feel peace, and yes you are allowed to be selfish and forgive, just so that you can feel peace! LOL


It’s to live your life authentically so you don’t have to resent or burden others, creating more pain... Just love your life and your self, or what Jordan Peterson always acts “treat yourself, as if you mattered.”


For this Valentine’s day Self-love campaign, as usual, I teamed up with renowned photographer, Pattie Fellowes and our beautiful jewelry maker and new designer, Marie to tell a story of self-love. 


The story was supposed to be an editorial of of a couple Pattie and I know and love, who split up suddenly. When I was talking about looking for a new couple to shoot, Pattie looked at me with a glow in her eyes and said "What if this Valentine we create a campaign on self-love to celebrate what truly matters the most". My heart leaped at this thought and we knew instantly that Marie was our girl.


In this photoshoot we created a sacred ritual in Pattie’s studio, with flowers, chocolates and a Cleopatra milk bath, while listening to “All is full of Love” by Bjork also adding the acoustic version by Nessi Gomes. In my opinion as a poet, DJ and music lover, there has never been a more healing and real song about self-love then this piece. Check it out. Together the three of us shared what self-love means to each one of us and how we show ourselves self-love through our personal rituals. 


Pattie Fellowes is an artist and a healer with a camera. Every time I work with her, we end up in a magical world, and secret garden of beauty. She can capture the beautiful soul of the person she is photographing. The day os this photoshoot, Marie had some beautiful downloads and shifts and when she got home she continued her self-love ritual and started writing and manifesting some beautiful intentions. I also had the realisation that I will use my platform to give voice to women embodying self-love, which heals and brings me strength . The pictures of this day bring me goosebumps and transports me to the all is full of love cocoon we created, and it’s ripple effects...


This month I am bringing in self-love articles and content created and written by the women in my life, my sisterhood, my most precious gems. They bring me light, sparkle, beauty and with them I can see and experience facets of myself which wouldn’t be possible alone. I fully believe that every woman in the world needs a real, raw sister circle to heal herself, her ancestors and her descendants. If you feel lonely and wish to find your sisters, some of the women you will meet here run virtual sister circles and retreats. You can always start your own sister circle. You can create a local facebook event virtually or in person. You can be the bridge babe!


Check out the new Self-Love Mala as seen on Marie here:


I would love to hear from you, what could you do, live and be, if you loved yourself more? 

Leave me a comment and let’s connect for real!

Love and light,

Dani X


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