The Number 1 Myth About Meditation And How It’s Sabotaging Your Practice.

The Number 1 Myth About Meditation And How It’s Sabotaging Your Practice.

A Common Myth

For those new to meditation, there is a common misconception about what meditation really is, which can really create, confusion, frustration and sabotage your practice and progress. The myth is that we need to stop thinking to meditate. This idea was something I believed in, when I started meditating in my mid twenties. I used to go to all of the buddhist centres in London, trying to rid my mind from my enemy: My thoughts. I remember leaving those meditation centres crazier then when I arrived. The adorable monks and facilitators were amazing. But they reminded me of my physics teachers in high school that couldn’t translate all the magnificent knowledge in their heads, and all the mysteries of the universe, to a crowd of teenagers. I feared Physics in my teens, until I discovered the universe of Quantum Physics and started devouring all the books I could. Why didn’t my teachers address Quantum Physics and prepared classes for the laymen, or children for this matter? The same way as the chilled out monks, that after years of transcendence and practice can't translate their knowledge to total beginners (I'm sure some can, but this wasn't my experience). And quantum physics also helped me to understand meditation too.


So back to meditation, our goal in meditation isn’t to get rid of our thoughts. Thoughts are not our enemy. The goal is to slow down. To relax our hardworking bodies. To give it the oxygen and rest it craves to do what it does so naturally in a state of total relaxation:

To not give a Fu*k about anything, cause you are so relaxed in your blissful happy place. You have emptied your mind like you naturally do in a relaxing, beach holiday. Where you are so chilled and blissed out, you don’t care about anything.


Meditation is like soaking in the sun in a white sandy beach in Ibiza with a mojito in one hand, a warm breeze on your face and cafe del mar playing in the background. Who would give a fu*k about their ridiculous problems when they are too blissed out and relaxed to actually bother.


What To Focus On In Meditation

To slow down and deepen your breathe. That’s it. Just breathe your way to relaxation and your body will do the rest. Experiment and play with different breathing rhythm and patterns, to see how you feel and relax with each breathe. Hold a Mala necklace to anchor your breathing. Each bead in a Mala necklace represents a cycle of inhale-exhale. If you get through the 108 beads of your necklace I guarantee that you will find yourself in a new state of mind, completely different from who you was before you started. Hold the Mala necklace between your index finger and thumb.


For guidelines on how to meditate, read my blog post:


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