Why self-care is an act of revolution.

Why self-care is an act of revolution.

When I take good care of myself, my vessel is full, and I have more to give to others. I can not give, or be pleasant when I am running on empty. This weakens my behaviour, my actions, my relationships and my environment. I urge every single person, to get their self-care ritual done, religiously, every day. It can be that hot, lavender infused bath listening to cafe del mar, that yoga class you feel you are too busy to go to or that daily cup of turmeric latte, that costs a bit more, but makes you feel like you are worth more then gold. Or something as simple as tucking yourself to bed earlier, to get the quality sleep you deserve. This is something my partner and I really believe in and find to be our daily dose of natural high.


Why is self-care an act of revolution?


Because it is all about self-love. A person who loves themselves and knows their worth chooses better their relationships and gives boundaries to toxic behaviour from others. They become role models to their children, family and friends. Like the Brazilian, mystic writer Paulo Coelho beautifully expressed, “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”, which is also one of Socrates beliefs and philosophical contributions to mankind. People who harness self-love stay away from dramas, because they know that entertaining toxic emotions are entirely their responsibility, and other peoples dramas are not interesting at all to engage with, because their time and mind are worthy of more meaningful activities and peaceful thoughts. And also they understand that whatever challenges others are going through is not about them, but wherever that person is in their own journey. Be compassionate with aggressive people, they are only reacting to all the self-inflicted-torture, and honestly, we all know how that’s like, cause we have all been there and we all want out. 



Can you imagine a revolutionary movement of rested, well-loved and emotionally healthy people and how that would influence our world? Children that learned from their parents, the importance to taking care of themselves so that they don’t feel the  need to engage in co-dependant relationships, putting high expectations on their partners that cannot be delivered and being responsible for their own happiness. I honestly think this would be a huge cultural, paradigm shift. More kindness and less pain for all in our society.


We already are collectively enduring so much pressure, by working too hard, having high expectations that aren’t real towards ourselves and others, never ending busyness and not enough time to play, rest and to just be. So let us remind ourselves and each other the importance of self-care, and most importantly, let us embody and model it for our children, so that they can make the worlds future decisions coming out from a place of love instead of fear, lack and despair.




My latest self-care practices has been drinking my maca-carob-lucuma, almond milk lattes.

Buying more expensive, but digestion friendly alternatives to gluten and dairy products that taste amazing and make me feel light and more energetic. My luxurious skin care routine that has totally changed the way my skin looks and feels. Sleeping early, sometimes even by 9:30 pm. My morning visualisation ritual, breathing with my mala and my home spa baths, using quality essential oils. 


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And you? What self-care habits do you use or plan on committing yourself to doing, to be the change you want to see in the world?


Namasté, Bisous,