Marie Magdalene's Priestess Rosarie


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  • 18K gold plated ankh cross and rose Medallion. 
  • 24K gold plated rosarie chain with pearl.
  • Handmade in the South of France. 
  • Lenght : 32 cm


Marie Magdalene's untold story was that she was an enlightened, high priestess and an embodiment of the Divine Feminine initiating women in the holy lineage of the hight priestess, who understands that her sexuality is sacred and her source of divine creativity. Marie Magdalene hid in the South of France where her many sacred sites are places of pilgrimage of priestess's from all over the world.

The rose medallion is the symbol of Marie Magdalene who used the medicine of the rose to open the heart when anointing.

The ankh cross is an ancient, Egyptian, sacred cross that represents the secret knowledge of the imortality of the soul.

The pearl represent the oyster that transforms a simple ordinatry grain of sand through its pain into an extraordinary precious pearl, a treasure into a gift. It symbolises wholeness, self-worth, self-love and self-realisation and wisdom, such as the expression "pearls of wisdom".