"Spirit In Action" Mala Bracelet - Lila in the sky

"Spirit In Action" Mala Bracelet

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This bracelet is to work the yang qualities of the divine masculine energy of will and  action. Made with strong elastic in the South of France.


  • Tiger’s Eye, like the fearless tiger, brings wild courage to those who wear it, as well as focus and action. When a tiger is engaged at preying, nothing will stop it. And so tiger’s eye is perfect for those needing a boost of courage in wherever they find themselves in their path.


  • Gold Obsidian, known as the "manifestor" of all gemstones. I first got to know golden obsidian when I was in a Mayan village in a ceremony held by the local shaman. Golden obsidian is the sacred, shamanic gemstone of the Mayans. It removes blockages from the solar plexus, the seat of the will, aligning intentions to the divine will. When aligned with the divine, manifestation takes place. Fear and ego is dissolved to reach higher states of consciousness and everything flows easily. Placed under the pillow, golden obsidian can bring powerful downloads when entering dream time and awakening.