Embodied Mala


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  • 108 Gemstone Japamala 
  • Handmade in the South of France
  • Garnet, Ruby, Rose Quartz & Citrine
  • Hand knotted using dark ivory thread
  • 18k gold vermeil details and snake pendant
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Crystal Healing


Affirmation: I am present in my sacred body, my soul's home on Earth.

This mala supports you to fully inhabit the sacred body you were given. To be present, grounded and fully incarnated.

Garnet is a nurturing and grounding stone, that unblocks the root and heart chakra, awakening kundalini energy. It clears emotional disturbance and is energising, supporting movement, action, while strengthening and building resilience. It represents the heart of the rooted shaman, that understands that we are here to grow ourselves into a co-creator of the cosmos. 

Rose quartz opens the heart chakra to the awareness that you are the source of love and not the seeker. It's the gemstone of love, self-love and for attracting relationships. It encourages forgiveness, surrender and helps release emotions of pain that no longer serve you. It encourages radical self-acceptance.

Citrine is an uplifting gemstone used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, crystal healing, for Joy, energy, self-confidence, wealth and to support the solar plexus (I do), the energy centre responsible for your sense of purpose and action in the world. When you listen to your inner-calling, the universe rewards you with unlimited abundance.

Ruby nurtures the virtue of love, to fall in love with life. It strengthens the willingness to live and become fully alive. It helps to clear emotional trauma and supports a spiritual yet grounded practice. It also has be traditionally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an amulet for protection against psychic attack and magic.

This 18k gold snake represents life force, primal energy and to remain grounded as you move through life's transitions. The snake is one of the most spiritual symbols for shamanic and ancient cultures all over the world. The energy of Kundalini is represented by a snake. In Greek mythology, the god of medicine.


    When you receive your healing mala, create a ritual to receive her healing energy. Light a candle, smudge the room, put some binaural beats in the background. Surrender to the healing of this magical amulet and trust that she will work on your energy, because she is a skilled and wise healer.