The Venus Mala

  • Rose quartz, citrine & garnet mala necklace with 24kt gold plated pendant and features.
  • Made with 108 semi-precious gemstones, gold vermeil details and pendant.
  • Handmade with love in the South of France


This sensual japamala is a collaboration, co-designed with Nikki Hillis energy healer, priestess and Qi Gong practitioner. She is the founder of Maia Rose.

Rose quartz, citrine and garnet mala awakens you to remember your self-worth and self-love, helping to bring presence, grounding and to stabilise emotions. This combination of gemstones is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, stone therapy practices to promote fertility, balance hormones and open the heart.

Rose Quartz

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rose Quartz is used to open the energetic heart centre to promote self-acceptance, self-love, confidence, forgiveness, address emotions and for the “relationship palace”, to nurture and attract loving relationships. Rose-quartz supports self-acceptance, but also aids in releasing unwanted patterns to claim the new, best serving self. It a gemstone that is also used for supporting the regulation of menstrual cycle, excessive oestrogen and for fertility.


Is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to uplift, promote self-confidence, improve fatigue, libido and fertility. However Citrine’s reputation is better known as the gemstone of wealth, to promote abundance, and indicated for the “wealth palace”, attracting prosperity. Beneficial for the solar-plexus energy centre and digestive health.


Garnet in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a nurturing, grounding gemstone, that balances emotions and also indicated  to direct Qi up the spine (Kundalini). It is associated with blood and therefore used to invigorate blood, which women need due to menstruation, but also equally important for aiding menopause and hormonal imbalances. Garnet is associated with the root and heart energy centres, important to stabilise emotions and bring presence into the moment.