Tiger Empress Mala - Lila in the sky

Tiger Empress Mala

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Tiger’s Eye, like the fearless tiger, brings wild courage to those who wear it, as well as focus and action. When a tiger is engaged at preying, nothing will stop it. And so tiger’s eye is perfect for those needing a boost of courage in wherever they find themselves in their path. It is also a powerful protection gem. The tiger is a fearless empress in her queendom, that lives fearlessly through her path, while nurturing her cubs, the future that will rise in the circle of life. 

  • Handmade & hand knotted in the south of France
  • 108, 6mm gemstones (50cm long)
  • Gold cord
  • Gold moon pendant
  • Gold hematite, faceted gemstones: Hematite, also know as fools good, for harnessing self-worth and attracting wealth.