Turquoise, Apatite and Amazonite Mala Bracelet

  • Turquoise, Apatite and Amazonite Gemstones. 
  • Adjustable Strong Elastic.
  • Handmade with Love in the South of France.


Turquoise is the sacred gemstone of the Native Americans. It is known as the gemstone that connects you to the spirit world, through the heart chakra portal, as well as the throat chakra for you to express your authentic truth, while embodied in this realm. It's the love warrior gem that lives with focus, acting from a place of love, expressing your soul's purpose.


Apatite is another gemstone used for authentic, self-expression and communication. It also opens the third eye, bringing psychic abilities, dreams and visions, while dissolving negative emotions and limited beliefs.


In Traditional Chinese medicine, crystal healing, amazonite corresponds to throat and heart chakra. Amazonite soothes while promoting concentration and harmonious, creaive expression. It gives vitality, creates inner peace, alleviates emotional pain and invites innovation and play.