Moonstone and Clear Quartz Mala Bracelet.

  • Moonstone and Clear Quartz Gemstones.
  • 24K Gold Plated.
  • Strong Adjustable Elastic. 
  • Handmade in the South of France.

This Clear Quartz and Moonstone prayer, mala bracelet is combined together to heal the divine feminine that lays dormant, due to supressed blocked energy related to shame, repression and feminine wounding. Clear Quartz is a master healer that when used in combination with any gemstone, it acts as an amplifier. It also brings healing, protection, clarity and self-awareness.

Moonstone is the gemstone that supports a woman through her cycles from menarch to menopause, from maiden to crone. It supports women to embody their feminine energy of play, by bringing presence and "beingness" into a woman's daily life, which might have been supressed by her own masculine energy of structure and "doing". A moonstone will initiate a woman into listening to her intuition and body's wisdom, her moon cycles which are connected to nature and her ability to feel her environment. Moonstone will support you to find your voice and creative expression, also known as purpose. It will help you to release blocks and shame in your sexuality, bringing more sensuality, spontaneity and beauty.