13th of February New Moon in Pisces Ritual

13th of February New Moon in Pisces Ritual

I'm excited about writing this latest new moon in piscies ritual, as it happens on the exact day of the Venus-Neptune conjunction. Tonight love, magic and intuition is on the rise!


In meditation you can use this energy to crack open your heart chakra, to experience that incredible unconditional love that gives you a pair of rose, tinted glasses to experience the world through unconditional love...


Love pouring out of your pores, giving you that glow and seeing everyone glowing, like ending up at a surprise party, in Ipanema Beach, with your best friends, playing all of your favorite tracks, dancing into multi-universes and by accident bumping into your crush... Ending with a swim in the ocean with your sparkly dress wet and sandy.


This is how intense this new moon is! Those tracks, those stars, all your loved ones, all that beauty are within your heart. Your ability to love this whole experience of life with every single soul you danced with is the beauty of this crazy place... And it's messy love, rain and tears, bliss and magic.


Tonight's Ritual:

Tonight you can write your intention for sacred union, fire-up bumble or another dating app, yes you can manifest love, you are the creator of your universe. But the most important thing you can do tonight is love yourself and feel whole. You are stardust, source-stuff, om vibration sttuff... Your intention can turn whatever is in ether into matter.


Tonight you want to squeeze your rose quartz on the centre of your heart, palm open, heart expanded, back straight. Think of everyone you love, the things you most love, the times you most felt loved. Hold these, pink and gold feelings with deep breaths. Feel how loved you are by the universe, and send all that love out into the world. Also send it to those that need it the most right now. You can add some drops of rose essential oil into the experience, as rose is the scent that opens the heart.


You know I love adding binaural beats into meditations and rituals, to put your brain waves effortlessly into alpha state, which is a state of total relaxation.


The piscies energy is dreamy, enchanting and filled with altered states, that you can achieve in your meditation tonight. Let me know in the comments how you feel about tonight and this ritual?

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