I Met My Daughter Lila Before She Was Born.

I Met My Daughter Lila Before She Was Born.

Hello Beautiful Gem,


I decided to share with you a very special and intimate story, that only those really close to me know. It's the story of how I met my daughter Lila, way before she was born. 


Nine years ago I had gone into the wild forest with seven other women for a shamanic plant medicine retreat. This was probably the most transformative moment of my life.


We were in a tipi tent in the middle of a forest in England. The ceremony had already started and I had the medicine in my blood. I went outside to pee and found myself looking at the dark night sky. It was a dark, night during a new moon and I noticed this beautiful star alone in the sky.


The star started to move towards me, and this is when I began to get nervous as a lot of studies with psychadelics report meeting with beings from other dimensions, and I told myself "I'm not ready for this"...


The star moved closer and it was an orb, a bubble of light with an aura and it began to talk telepathically, to calm me down:


"I have been wanting to come, but you don't let me. We have known each other forever and I chose you to be my mother. I have important things to do, so you have to let me come".  


I knew her. I loved her. I recognised her from dreams I had had, even as a child. My heart was cracked open filled with deep, unconditional love. I felt so much joy that we would be together again and I knew that I would support her through some important mission she had, by allowing her to be, by loving and taking care of her.


She then continued to tell me that she was my "medicine", that I was here to be a mother by embodying this mother, unconditional love and nurture that is so strong within me . She continued to tell me that the book I had started writing in my 20's but was un-finished had been guided by her and that it was going to be published and that I would write healing books (which I did a whole year after).


I then saw her face in a flash, her blonde straight hair and playful energy, the exact face and personality of my daughter. I promised her I would let her come and felt as if I had received the best Christmas gift of my life. A gift that made me feel whole and complete.


After Lila was born, I saw the same face I had seen in the ritual. I experienced unconditional love for the first time. It's when I started creating, sharing my work with the world and It's when I embodied a maternal feeling towards all beings and life. Being a mom has made me want to actively co-create the future I want for my daughter, for her children and for humanity.


Love heals us and makes us feel whole. It's when we feel part of a community that we feel whole, safe, loved and strong. Individualism was making me sick and I wasn't aware that love was the medicine and answer to every single problem.


Thank you for reading and seeing me, I appreciate you here in my virtual home in the universe.


Dani xxx



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