Protection Prayer & Other Astrologer Recommendations For These Times

Protection Prayer & Other Astrologer Recommendations For These Times

Vania Mello is a renowned astrologer and Tarot reader, from Rio de Janeiro. She is also my mentor, teacher and has been guiding me since I was 16.

Vania has been helping a lot of my friends navigate through covid through her precise readings. The funny story is that  I ended up starting an astrology business with her as the requests for her readings and my translations through word of mouth from acquaintances and friends of friends brought me overwhelm. I have started two days of reading a month and when I finish the current waiting list queue, I will offer the service to my clients and on social media.

But here are Vania's top recommendations for navigating through these challenging times:

  • Do Meditation & Meditative Practices
  • Do 21 days cleansing & Protection Prayer
  • Use medicinal plants for self-healing (Blog article coming soon).
  • Essential oils and plants for cleansing the space and for smudging.
  • Dancing and eliptical dancing like in esoteric sufi traditions and Brazilian Candomble dance. So basically just dance in circles until you reach a trance and quiet your mind. Also Osho's active meditation where you move your body to music like the quakers. 

For this 21 Day Cleansing Prayer, if you miss one day you have to restart from zero. You can also do this prayer daily, to be protected and cleansed at all times.

*Please read when nobody can disturbs you.

** Share with as many people as possible as the power of prayer and mass intention has been researched by consciousness researcher Lynn McTaggart and prestigious scientists all over the world.


Protection & Cleansing Prayer

I appeal to Christ to calm my fears and to erase every mechanism of external control that may interfere with this healing.

I ask my higher self to close my aura and to establish a Christic channel for the purposes of my healing, so that only the Christic energies may flow unto me.

You will not be able to make any other use of this channel other than for the flow of Divine Energies. Now I appeal to Archangel Michael, of the 13th Dimension to seal and completely protect this sacred experience.

I now appeal to the Circle of Security of the 13th Dimension to seal, protect and enhance completely the shield of Michael Archangel, so that it will remove anything that is not a Christic Nature and that may be inside this field presently.

I now appeal to the Ascended Masters and to our Christic Supporters, to remove and dissolve each and every implant and its seeded energies, parasites, spiritual weapons and self-imposed devices of limitation, both known and unknown.

Once this work is completed, I appeal for the complete restoration and repair of the original energy field, and to be infused energy of the Christ.

I am free! I am free! I am free!

I am free! I am free! I am free!

I am free!

“I, the being known as (SAY YOUR NAME) in this particular incarnation, hereby revoke and renounce each and every one of the loyalty commitments, votes, agreements and/or association contracts that no longer serve my Good Supreme, celebrated in this life, in past lives, in parallel lives, in all dimensions, time periods and locations.

I now order all entities, organizations and associations linked to me by these contracts, to cease and desist, and to abandon my energy field, now and forever, retroactively, taking all their artifacts, devices and sowed energies.

I also renounce everything that offers me resistance, hinders or prevents the materialization and full realization of the two previous decrees, thanking the Hierarchies of Christ and the Light, for all the work they have done in me, for all the work they are doing, for all the work they have done in me, for all the work they doing. Perform at this very moment, and for all that they will do in that sense.

To assure this, I now appeal to the Holy Spirit SHEKINAH to witness the dissolution of all contracts, devices and sowed energies that do not honor God. This includes all the covenants and beings that do not honor God as the Supreme Father.

In addition, I thank the Holy Spirit for “witnessing” the complete liberation from everything that infringes the will of God. I declare this ahead and retroactively. So be it.

I now again guarantee my covenant with God and surrender to the dominion of Christ in me, and I dedicate my whole being, my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to the vibration of Christ, from this moment on and retroactively.

Furthermore, I dedicate my life, my work, everything I think, say and do to the vibration of Christ and also all the things in my environment that still serve me.

Therefore, I dedicate my Being to my own mastery and the oath of ascension, both of the planet Earth and mine in particular.

Having stated all of this, I now authorize Christ and my own higher self to make the necessary changes in my life to accommodate and materialize this new dedication, and I ask the Holy Spirit to witness this as well.

I now declare this to God. Let it be written in the Book of life. So be it.

Thank God.

I, definitely, declare to the Universe, to the Mind of God and to every being contained in it, to all the places where I have been, to all the experiences in which I have participated, and to all beings that need this cure, known by me or unknown: anything poorly resolved and disharmonious that remains between us, I now heal and forgive.

I now appeal to the Holy Spirit Shekinah, Lord Metatron, Lord Maitreya and Saint Germain to help and witness this healing. I forgive them for everything that needs to be forgiven between them and me. I ask you to forgive me, for everything that needs to be forgiven between them and me.

Here and now, I forgive myself for everything that needs to be forgiven in this life, and for everything that needs to be forgiven and between my past incarnations and my Higher Self.

We are now collectively healed and forgiven, healed and forgive, healed and forgive.

We are all now elevated to our Christic Being. We are filled and surrounded with the golden love of Christ. We are full and surrounded by the golden Light of Christ.

We are free from all vibrations of pain, fear, guilt and anger, from the 3rdand 4th dimensions. All the psychic cords and bonds attached to these entities, implanted devices, contracts or sowed energies, are now removed and healed.

I now appeal to Saint Germain to transmute and rectify, with the Violet Flame, all my energies that have been taken from me, and now return them to me in their purified state.

Once these energies have returned to me, I fully determine, with my whole Being, that these channels through which my energy was drained be completely dissolved.

I thank Lord Metatron for freeing us from the chains of duality. Let the seal of the Domain of Christ be placed on me. I thank the Holy Spirit for witnessing this act, and certifying that this is being accomplished and so it is.

I now express my deep gratitude to Christ for always being with me, and for healing all my wounds and scars. I now express my deep gratitude to Archangel Michael for having marked me with his seal, so that I will be protected forever from the influences that prevent me from doing the will of our Supreme Creator.

So it is! I give thanks to God, to the Ascended Masters, to the Angels and Archangels, and to all others who participated in this act of healing and continuous elevation of my Being!



Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of the Universe!

(“Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebaioth”)


After 21 Days, you will probably experience a clear and positive new perspective in your life and this will create a ripple effect and changes within our shared reality.

To heighten the power of healing and prayer, check out our collection of prayer lockets, so you can wear your prayers:

Let me know in the comments how this experiment worked for you and if this was helpfull.

Sending you love and light,

Dani xxx

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