The Powerful Symbol of the Creatrix Energy

The Powerful Symbol of the Creatrix Energy

Hello Beautiful Gem,


Today I wanted to share with you the story behind the symbol from Atlantis that represents the creatrix energy of the universe & the divine feminine. It is the symbol of our logo, chosen to make healing medallions.


3 years ago, I made 10 pieces of jewelry, then photographed them with my phone. I started an Instagram account, did my first jewelry markets and fast forward today, Lila in the Sky has become well known in France and has customers from all over the world. I promised myself that one day when the business would prosper, I would hire someone to make me a professional logo.


In January I knew that the time had come. I didn't want any logo. I wanted a sacred symbol that represents the work that I do. I had a vision of a healing medal that I could add to all the healing malas, and as a simple gold necklace. I also knew that it had to contain the phases of the moon. You can find our Divine Matrix Symbol jewelry here:


I searched for this symbol everywhere and prayed that I would know it when I saw it. I looked for it in books of ancient sacred symbols, sacred geometry, alchemy... But I didn't experience any feelings or recognition with any of the symbols.


It was finally in the new moon, when everyone was in bed that I finished my ritual and was feeling quite wired, so I started to watch "The Seven Symbols of Atlantis" in Gaia. It was then that I found my sacred, healing symbol on the screen. It was everything that my work is about and symbols I always talk about. The phases of the moon with sacred geometry symbols in the middle of the 12 pointed star and in the centre the 8 pointed star ( both stars kept calling to me during my research).


It was love at first sight as this symbol represents the creatrix energy force of the universe that gives birth to all, the cycles of life and all it's wholeness. Isn't this symbol what I want every woman wearing my jewelry to experience? The awakening to her wholeness, her creatrix, creative force that understands that she is here to co-create with the universe as the embodiment of the Goddess.


In this fascinating documentary by Gaia explaining "The seven symbols of the Atlantis" we discover that "experts have found seven symbols which appear within every culture since the origin of time. When these ancient images are combined, they could be the key to creating a device that gives humanity the ability to control space and time. A careful examination of our symbolic languages have shown that 32 symbols are found in every culture, with seven being the most prevalent." So yes, this symbol is within these prevalent seven.


I have had the most beautiful message by a very special client of mine, who has reported so much healing wearing her new healing medal and has completely changed career paths to live from her passion.


Thank you for reading my story and let me know in the comments if you also agree that sacred symbols have the power to heal when worn?


Love & Light,

Dani xxx

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