The ultimate gift guide to support your mum this Mother's Day!  UK EDITION

The ultimate gift guide to support your mum this Mother's Day! UK EDITION

Hello Beautiful Gem,


Just a reminder to my UK customers that Mother's Day in the UK is already next week. For those of us that are not in the UK, this blog can apply to you too, if your mother is still around.


Some of us have not been able to see our mums, which may be struggling during times of pandemic. No matter how much you want to be there for your mum, limitation on visits and travel are a reality.


This has hit me really hard too. My mother who is my best friend in the world, lives alone in California and International travel has been restricted. I haven't seen her for over a year... 


I constantly call her to check-in, send her gift baskets with her favourite chocolate covered strawberries, treats and send her jewellery, to spoil her, which makes her so happy. This allows my mom to know she's loved, held and in my thoughts & heart, which keeps her going through these hard times.


With this in mind I have prepared for you and your mum, the best gift guide ever! Sorted for all budgets, styles and needs. So you can cheer the person who has gifted you the gift of life: Your Mum. Let's show our mums they're not alone!


I've added to the shop, gift ideas under 40€ but filled with loving intention. You can find it here:


If you want to make absolutely sure your mother has a gift on Mother's Day, I suggest a GIFT CARD, that can also be printed and put into an envelope. This way she can choose something special, suited to her intention and taste. You can find it here:


If your mom is having a rough ride, during these times, you can book her a CRYSTAL HEALING CONSULTATION & HEALING JEWELRY session. Two gifts for the price of one, a full on consultation that comes with any jewellery or a customisation of choice. You can find it here:


If she always wanted to learn meditation but never had the chance, you can book her a meditation class, I used to teach meditation in a yoga studio in France and I was initiated in Kriya Yoga meditation in 2009 by Stephen Sturgess of Ananda UK:


This year I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback on my personal consultations that bring more value then my clients expect. Let me nurture the mother that nurtures all except herself. 


I also would appreciate you sharing this blog and telling your friends about these offers. Most of my business comes from references and it's word of mouth from loyal customers, like yourself, that support the work that I do. I hope you have the privilege to have a wonderful Mother's Day with the  amazing woman that gave you life! Fingers crossed I get to see my mom, but I'm optimistic it will happen.


Love and Light,

Dani xxx

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