How To Cleanse Your Crystals And Gemstone Mala: 4 Easy ways.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals And Gemstone Mala: 4 Easy ways.


Why should we cleanse our crystals and gemstone Malas?

I was in a Mayan village in 2018 with the local shaman who worked with crystals, specifically gold obsydian. During a beautiful ceremony with a huge gold obsidian crystal in my palms, he told us how he cleansed his crystals. He said he always left his crystals out under a full moon and with water from a local, sacred Mayan cenote near by, to clear away any sort of energy that wasn’t serving him.


I have been in a shamanic path myself for 7 years now, and the shaman I work with introduced me to Palo Santo, a native fragrant wood from South America, where I am originally from. He uses "sacred wood" before, during and after all of his ceremonies, to keep the ceremony space protected and to clear us all from unwanted vibes. Palo Santo It is still one of my favourite cleansing tools, but I also use sage, copal, amescla, frankincense and myrrhe, not only for cleansing my crystals and malas but also when cleaning my house. Religious and spiritual traditions from all over the world have been smudging smoke of some form of sacred resin, wood or plant for clearing space and ceremonial purposes. 


Why Should We Cleanse Our Crystals And Gemstone Malas?

According to shamans, our energy fields and environments sometimes picks up other forms of subtle energies, even entities that are not beneficial or serving us. Shamans use many forms of cleansing rituals to keep their energy field and environment protected from unwanted vibes.


So How To Clean Your Crystals And Gemstone Mala?


 Start With Intention

Every ceremony requires Intention. First hold your crystal or gemstone Mala in your hands and be grateful for it’s power to cleanse your energy field and environment. Thank your Mala or crystal before releasing all that which no longer serves you.



Full Moon

In shamanic cultures, the full moon is the moment to release the energy and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Leave your gemstones out in the night under the guidance of grandmother moon. Release to her all the energy you no longer need, and trust that she will clear it all and reprogram your gemstones. Don’t forget to thank her.


Smudge With Smoke

Prepare an abalone shell or bowl to burn your resin, wood or plant of choice. You can choose a stick of Palo Santo, California wild sage, Copal, Amescla, Frankincense or Myrrhe to burn in your bowl. After burning and allowing your ally of choice to create smoke, gently blow this smoke under your gemstone Mala and visualize it removing any unwelcomed energy of your mala. You may say a prayer or any affirmation to clean the energy of your mala. I like repeating to myself “ Cleanse and reprogram” and I always end with “Thank you”, in gratitude to the entity of my chosen sacred plant. In shamanism every plant is an entity, an ally that brings healing.



Holy Water

It’s not recommended to cleanse Malas in the ocean (Brazilians cleanse energy with salt, salt water and the ocean), rain water or under running water, for this can damage the string and react with some of the gemstones, but as I live by Lourdes and have a supply of holy water, I rub some in the palms of my hands then gently hold my mala  in the humid palms of my hands. This can be used with rain water, cenote water, or any other sacred water. I am not Catholic, but have been to Lourdes in a sister-women’s circle to work with the archetype of the mother and the energy of Lourdes is truly incredible. The holy water there brings people from all over the world for it's reputation in healing. 


Other Methods

There are many other methods of cleansing your crystals and gemstone Mala. Some people use sound, a candle, chants, plants and differents methods. I shared the methods I like using, but what I most want for you, is that you find the method that works the best for you. May your path be guided by light.


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