Your 2021 Gemstone guide for intention setting

Your 2021 Gemstone guide for intention setting

 Collectively we are well and truly ready to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome in the New Year of new beginnings. 

Exciting opportunities await, but after uncovering what goals we want to set, what's next? 

Setting intentions is the first step for manifesting your desires into reality. Without clear intentions, disappointing outcomes are likely. We often know what we want in our lives, but we don't regularly sit down and define what we want to achieve with precise planning. 

Gemstones are magical tools for setting those intentions, harnessing, and connecting you to that specific energy. 

Gemstone jewelry allows you to wear that harnessed energy daily, reminding you of the intention you set every time you see your gemstone. It also influences Qi, known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as your energy force, in Vedic cultures, Prana.

But it can be a little overwhelming when selecting your gemstones to match your intention, so here's the only New Year Gemstone guide you will need for your 2021. 


Gemstones benefits defined for your intention setting practice 


Career & Business - Citrine 

A powerful crystal with many benefits, making this an overall excellent crystal for manifesting Career and Business success. Citrine is known for eliminating body toxins and cleaning away negative energy, transmuting that energy to positivity and confidence. Because citrine enhances self-esteem and reduces self-doubt, it works great for setting and achieving big business goals.

New beginnings - Green Aventurine 

Representing our energetic love center, the heart chakra, Green Aventurine allows you to look forward to the future without basking in the past. Green Aventurine is the best crystal if you're struggling to define your goals, but overall your seeking luck and new opportunities for the future. 

Self Love & Confidence - Rose Quartz 

The Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystal healing tools used to enhance love and compassion for yourself, loves ones, and all living things. It is gentle and encourages emotional healing, allowing you to let go and move forward with love at the forefront of your mind. The high frequencies will help you to forgive by understand8ing situations from more positive aspects. 

Spiritual Strength - Agate 

The reality is, not every New Year brings ideal circumstances. Agate is an excellent stone for harmonizing and balancing the body. The spiritual strength it brings allows for better decisions, choices, and movement as it enhances mental function, analytical abilities, and perception. 

Healing & Closure - Amethyst 

Amethyst is a universal healing gemstone. Working as a natural tranquiliser helps balance mood swings and dispels anger, anxiety, and fear. The spiritual awareness it brings opens intuition to allow you to see the past for what it was and move forward. 

Communication - Aquamarine

If clearer and more effective communication is your intention, aquamarine is your go-to for patience and awareness. In moments of conflict or frustration, this calming stone stimulates the desire for knowledge that, in turn, will allow you to have more balanced, understanding communication. 


Every year has its ebb and flows, but by setting clear intentions, you are one step closer to manifesting the life you wish to live. You are not alone on your journey as powerful crystals will guide you through.