How to make your meditation practice irresistible (and addictive)

How to make your meditation practice irresistible (and addictive)

We all know the benefits of meditation for the mind, longevity and how it regenerates our brains, bodies, slows down heart rate and lowers blood pressure. We all know that the most brilliant people in our world meditate daily. But starting a practice can be challenging and hard in the beginning.  


So how can we make meditation a habit? How do we become addicted to meditation? The answer is that we need to make our practice the most irresistible and delicious practice of our day. Just like that coffee and cake break we crave and look forward to in the afternoon.


Start your meditation practice with the intention of relaxing deeply in order to recharge your body with energy and reprogramming your mind. I like to imagine myself plugging in with source, just like when I recharge the battery of my phone. See this moment as that awaited full body massage you booked to treat yourself to become the best version of you. This is your precious moment to become “All that is”. Any amount is beneficial and better then none at all. So if you can start a 5 minute practice a day, a little "coffee break" practice, you are already a champion! You can even do several mini "coffee break" meditations throughout the day. They are brilliant and help you to install a new habit.


I like to think of my practice as going home to my reinvigorating, beach yoga spa retreat.  As I sit down with my cozy blanket and pillow I allow myself to get sucked into a worm hole in the universe and enter a void. This void is where my retreat is located. It is a quiet place under the stars filled with northern lights, a sacred place where time and space as we know it doesn’t exist. There I have a view of time being eternal, simultaneous and I watch universes getting created and recycled to birth new universes. It’s quiet and beautiful, with a zen decor that looks like a Moroccan lounge in Tulum, if you can imagine that. There I can observe the holographic slideshow of images that my avatar is experiencing. I observe them and let them go.


So in this space I imagine my whole body relaxing and being encapsulated by this regenerating white light, like in a Sci-fi movie. This light scans my body and regenerates each and every cell, reprogramming my DNA.


I hold in my hand my gemstone mala. Between the thumb and middle finger I hold each bead as I inhale and exhale in Ujjayi yogic breathing. This is ancient technology given to the first yogi’s in the Himalayas that meditated so profoundly they encountered higher beings from other planets. Mine is my gemstone of choice, charged with the crystal intention of my choice to anchor my mind like a mantra, with every breath to become more present, and timeless.


When I hold my mala between my middle finger and thumb, I know that this next bead I am holding is anchoring me to fully be present and heal my body. If I have wandered in a thought, it’s ok, cause the gemstone bead brought me back, anchored to my cushion on the floor. All I need to do now is breathe and relax. Drop my shoulders, relax my back and just fill my body with cool, fresh, oxygen, that feels like a tall glass of pure water when I’m thirsty. I am breathing so deeply that now I am in the state of mind of a relaxing beach holiday.


When I breathe out, I try to slowly exhale as much of that stale, stagnant air I have been holding on to unawarely. I continue to breathe deeply allowing my breaths to become like a wave that massages my whole core and upper body muscles, putting each muscle back into it’s right place.


Meditation is my spa, self-care, me-time. A time of the day I practice self-love towards myself by being my own care-giver, inner physician, healer and lover. Doing this every day will make you feel like a million dollars and abundant. I know I do. 


In my sanctuary, bead by bead I become a better version of myself. I regenerate, reprogram and renew myself. It’s that luxurious retreat we all dream of that has you leave with a glow. 


I love making my practice as irresistible as possible, by burning a little palo santo, beginning with an intention of achieving relaxation and bliss. Having a special Mala necklace to work with. A beautiful candle and my favourite blanket and cushion. But what truly makes me inspired to meditate is the knowing that I am giving myself the most powerful medicine out there, better then any trendy supplement, vitamin or modality to make me feel energised and incredible. I reprogram to become the best version of myself.


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