Mini Express Meditation: Using A Mala Bracelet As A "Coffee Break Meditation".

Mini Express Meditation: Using A Mala Bracelet As A "Coffee Break Meditation".

Express Meditation

Resistance... I know resistance very well. When I was an anxious mess and needed meditation the most in my life, was exactly when I wouldn’t do it. I told myself that I didn’t have the time, was too tired, that I would start tomorrow and other excuses that I would tell myself. The truth is, I knew It was all BS!


When resistance is high in my life, is when I need the simplest, gentlest self-care practices, little baby steps to get me back on track. This is when using a mala bracelet can be effective. For more info on how to use a mala for meditation, check my previous blog post:


How to use a bracelet mala for a mini meditation practice

This simple meditation practice has no need for a timer. Using a bracelet Mala is a quick and yummy practice that can be fit into any busy schedule. It has been used throughout centuries as an external tool, to make your meditation practice a simple ritual of bliss. A mala bracelet can be used as a “coffee break” throughout your day, minus the caffeine! It will give you the same boost of an expresso minus the jitters and actually improving the quality of your sleep.


Express Mala bracelet meditation


  • Sit down comfortably on a cushion,chair, with your legs crossed or in any position you find comfortable. However it’s  important is to keep your back straight.


  • Hold your mala bracelet in one of your hands, and you can put your other hand on your leg comfortably, or in the position of a mudra if you want. A mudra is a symbolic, ritualistic, hand gesture to improve concentration when going inwards. 


  • Hold the first bead where your mala starts between your middle finger and thumb. Each bead represents a deep inhale and exhale. Take a deep breathe holding the first bead and imagine and feel the air coming in from your chakra root (between anus and intimate parts). Imagine that your spine is actually a pipe that goes all the way up to your third eye, in the middle of your forehead between your eyebrows. So when you inhale the oxygen comes in the root of this pipe and slowly rises up the pipe to your third eye. Hold the air there for a comfortable while. Then slowly breathe out, bringing that air from third eye slowly, descending the pipe all the way down. Repeat with next bead, again and again until you finish your Mala Bracelet. Should be 5 minutes max. Repeat throuhout your day whenever needed. ( Try to mimic the sound of the ocean which is a 4 second inhale through nose, hold 4 seconds, then release air for 6 seconds).




By getting mini meditation, “coffee breaks” throughout your day, you are training your mind to slow down your breathing, rhythmic, patterns. When we do this, our body is able to relax completely and go into alpha waves, this is the brain wave that calms our nervous system, lowers blood pressure and heart rate. When we reach alpha waves, thoughts start naturally slowing down and becoming fewer. Depending on how relaxed your breathing and body becomes, you can even get into theta waves, really relaxing your mind from noise.  By breathing in and out deeply through each of your mala beads, your breathe and the wisdom of your body will work on your behalf cleansing and reprogramming your mind. It’s the relaxed breathing that empties your mind.  So just breathe.


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