What Is An Intentional Mala And How It Can Manifest Your Intentions Into Reality?

What Is An Intentional Mala And How It Can Manifest Your Intentions Into Reality?

A Mala is a Mantra

Wearing an intentional Mala, is like wearing your mantra. A mantra is a powerful word, or sentence used in meditation to anchor yourself, every time our minds wander and get lost in thought. The goal of a mantra is to get you back from being lost in wandering thoughts, back to the space where you are consciously present of observing your thoughts. Also I just wanted to add that the goal of meditation isn’t to stop thinking, and to have thoughts isn’t a negative thing. This misperception about meditation causes a lot of frustration for those new to meditation, myself included when I first started. Meditation is a tool to slow down and relax your mind and be able to observe your thoughts from a neutral perspective without getting emotionally involved with them. But this is a subject I will talk about another time.


Sometimes our thoughts and limited beliefs are actually not serving us to fully embody and experience peace. When we meditate we practice being present without all the noise distracting us from our state of inner peace. 


So like the mantra that we repeat to ourselves in a rhythmic, loop to keep us present and focused, so is the mala. It keeps us from getting involved with all the noise and distraction in our minds. It should be used as a mantra to anchor us, day to day. A Mala not only looks beautiful, but it has a beautiful purpose and function to keep us focused and present with what truly is meaningful to us.  


We all have rushed days we are running off in a busy haze, and we get lost in hectic, crazy thoughts, known as the monkey mind, as we are stuck in traffic, late for work, or running errands. We allow unwanted visitors such as anxiety and negativity to intrude and hijack our minds. It is up to us alone to wake up and harness self-awareness to get these visitors out the doors and out of our precious minds. This is the moment that if you are wearing your Mala, you can slide your fingers over the cool crystal beads, take a breath and reprogram. This is the moment you can shift from crazy monkey mind, to zen master yoda.



How Can Wearing A Mala Change Our Lives?

High performers such as elite athletes, successful entrepreneurs, artists and musicians all attribute their success to their mindset and the habit of using visualisation to achieving clear goals. 


This is not some new age concept, there has actually been a lot of research on the field of visualisation and intention and it is one of the fundamental teachings of neuro-linguistic programming. In NLP we learn to achieve clarity in what we want, in order to create our goals by visualising the outcome and to create the state of mind where we envision what we want, experienced through all our senses. 


There has been numerous studies on how the mind cannot differentiate real memories to visualisation and future simulation. It has been suggested that visualisation makes the unknown known, which relieves fear and anxiety, while generating confidence to achieving what your mind already believes it has achieved. What we focus on becomes our reality and this is due to a biological phenomenon called reticular activating systems (RAS), a network of neurons in our brains that filters, what needs attention in such a busy external, sensorial world. The RAS is constantly searching to match our beliefs with the data we are receiving in our environment.



A Visualisation Accessory 

An intentional Mala is a ritualistic, visualisation, accessory to be worn in a morning meditation and visualisation practice. It can be used throughout the day to remind you that every step moves you forward towards your goal. It’s like wearing your vision board, as you are out and about all day, reminding you that nothing will take you away from your focus. Your external mantra, anchor to keep you focused on what you know you can achieve without distraction.



Simple Mala Visualisation Practice.

Upon waking up and hydrating yourself sit down in a comfortable position holding your Mala in your hands. As you feel the cool crystals imagine all you want to achieve.


Ask yourself? How does achieving ......... feel in your body?

How does it smell? Like maybe expensive perfume that makes you feel luxurious...

Imagine how does it look like with all the details? Be as creative as possible.

Is there a soundtrack to the experience? 

A taste in your mouth? Go ahead indulge and immerse in the experience and even have a glass of champagne as you are launching your dream business or dining with your soulmate. 


Turn the vision into a vivid experience, so it can be stored as a memory. As you envision your goals, touch the beads of your malas, taking deep breaths. Crystals have been used to power the most sophisticated technology in the world, like your computer and phone, as it can be tapped for electricity using piezoelectric, mechanical energy discharge. Imagine this energy charging and amplifying your intention. Wear your mala now charged with your highest intention and let it remind you throughout your day of what you are always moving forward towards, and what your mind already knows is yours. Whenever doubt or fear creeps in, hold your beads, breathe and reprogram.



What Gemstone Mala Should You Choose?

In Ayurveda and shamanic cultures, gemstones have been worn to achieve and harness specific potential and intentions. If you are not sure what intention you would like to achieve, allow your intuition to guide you and choose the mala that your wise soul is attracted to, as it might be exactly what you need. Have a browse through our shop and see which Mala gets your attention or which description resonates with what you want to achieve.


“Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving towards your goals”. 

LL Cool J


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