Why we need a culture of meditation?

Why we need a culture of meditation?

Why we need a culture of meditation?

Like many spiritual leaders and meditation practitioners around the world, I also believe that meditation could drastically change and heal our world, starting by our children, the next generation of leaders, teachers and policy makers to come. 


We are experiencing an epidemic of broken hearts. We are walking around stressed, asleep and heart broken, tearing each other down, including our environments and planet. A wholehearted society would never act the way we are acting. In a society where each individual felt good about themselves and where our vessels were full of self-love, we would be pouring it into other vessels, generating a society of abundance. An abundant society would have enough to feed, clothe and care for all, because there would be plenty for everyone. An abundant society would care for it’s resources, to make sure that we would never come to the point that we lacked clean water, fuel or face extinction of certain species, including ourselves. We are currently living in a scarcity mindset, and I admit that I am too. Certain times of my day, usually after meditation and when I am taking care of my body and mindset, I live in abundance. But this can quickly shift by reading the news, talking to someone else in a scarcity mindset or when I am tired and stressed. Meditation has helped me to identify this shift and to choose to go back to abundance. 


Meditation has been proven to have numerous benefits for our body, brains and mind. It brings us back to self-awareness and sanity. And a sane society would act differently from how we have been acting towards our planet and our interconnected global family. This is why we need to learn how to meditate. We need to learn how to meditate, so that we can teach others to meditate and teach our future generations to meditate. We need to make it an integral part of our culture, just like brushing our teeth and showering.


This last year I started teaching my almost 4 year old daughter meditation, actually I just show her breathing techniques that we do and practice together. I then began volunteering as a meditation teacher at her school. Now I have a regular, flourishing meditation group, where I teach Kriya Yoga - Mala Meditation on Thursday evenings, that have helped me to master my skills as a teacher and spread a revolution I wholeheartedly believe in.


This meditation group journey has taught me the importance of collaborating towards a culture of meditation. I teach and have my students teach the techniques, to spread this knowledge and healing practice that I believe can change the world.


I have learned that everyone in our modern society needs meditation as preventive medicine, such as diet and exercise, to be able to thrive and care for their mental health. I have also learned that kids learn quick. And when we introduce a meditation practice for kids it becomes a habit, and habits become a behaviour and identity. Like the Dalai Lama said: “If every 8-year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”


I urge everyone to learn how to meditate. There are free classes in Buddhists centres everywhere around the world. Books and free content in youtube. Learn it so you can teach someone else. Learn it for a purpose of changing the world. Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Or learn it for selfish reasons too. To become the best possible version of yourself. 


Learning and teaching meditation, can be the best lifestyle choice to generate happiness. Not only there are benefits in meditating and spreading meditation to increase an abundant mindset for our world, but teaching and serving community has also been studied and linked to happiness in qualitative research. 


If you would like to start your own Mala- Meditation group, teaching your community and loved ones how to meditate with a Mala. We now offer wholesale prices to meditation facilitators. For more information go to: work with us. https://lilainthesky.com/pages/work-with-us

or email us at info@lilainthesky.com and get our guidelines on how to start your own group.


So how about you? What changes have you experienced by practicing meditation and have you ever thaught someone else how to meditate.


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