Conscious Giving: Giving gifts that bring value.

Conscious Giving: Giving gifts that bring value.

 As the holiday seasons are near and the pressure of Christmas shopping starts to sink in, crowding the shops in search of the perfect gift to give to the ones we love... Let's ask ourselves the question? Is this gift really bringing value to others, or is it just a silly object that will end up in a dumpster and pollute our planet.


How can we be more conscious and aware of how we give, to generate even more abundance and wellbeing to all. Giving experiences has been said to be more satisfying then receiving material gifts, because these kinds of gifts usually become an experienced memory that results in even more happiness.


My partner and I have been giving experiences to each other for years now. I have been thinking in new ways of giving and being of service this year. I always give my handmade jewelry cause my family and friends love the treasures I make, but I enjoy thinking of new creative ways of giving and being of service.


Things to give:


Imagine giving to your mother that pottery class she always wanted to try. Taking your spouse to a Japanese cooking course you both can learn and then re-create at home for your friends. Inviting your friends over to listen to a concert and the songs you have been practicing (an adorable friend of mine does this). Teaching meditation or yoga to your friends or booking a session for you both to enjoy at that new studio. An experience, a workshop or even a class on a subject of expertise we own, a massage, a DIY gift... There are endless things to give that will bring value to the ones we love, bringing more value to our relationships and life.


A Mala! Not only when you buy a Lila in the Sky Mala you are buying from an ethical, handmade micro-business, but you are buying a beautiful jewel that is actually an experience to someone you love or to yourself.  Gifting a Mala is gifting an invitation for self-care. Even 5 to 20 minutes a day of meditation and mindful breathing a day can be life altering and transformational. Meditation and self-care is the best investment towards our health, which is wealth. And you can include in your gift a meditation, sitting together being fully present with your presence and time. To choose the perfect Mala, head to:


I would love to know from you what do you love giving? Share with me your ideas for gifts that bring value to your loved one. And if you think this blog post is of value do share!


Namasté, bisous,