How to plan your wardrobe to save money, time & energy, like a French gal.

How to plan your wardrobe to save money, time & energy, like a French gal.

Before I moved to France, I didn't plan my wardrobe or even knew how to. I used to impulsive buy my clothes and this was effecting how I managed my money, my time and energy, when choosing my clothes daily or to go out and socialise. 

I have been living in France for over 10 years now. I learned from French women how to carefully plan your wardrobe to a T in such a smart way that you will never, ever again feel like you have nothing to wear or that you need to buy new clothes to freshen up your look. 

So here are the tips on what make French girls the best dressed women in the world and the most economical.

1) Be Basic

French girls are the most basic in terms of fashion and style in the world. They love trends, but that is not where they spend money. They have the most basic wardrobe filled with all the classic, timeless pieces, such as, a blazer, leather jacket, jeans, white T-shirts, shoes... Then they add trendy accessories to the their classic pieces. Classic, basic, timeless pieces are easy to match, get dressed and you will always look Fresh in terms of the current trends.

2) Accessorise 

French girls love their accessories, their jewelry and scarves. Jewelry and scarves are pieces that have a long life, can be passed on to your family and these are the pieces that add personality and colour to your outfits, without breaking the bank.

3) Plan your wardrobe

French girls don't have credit card debts and they plan ahead their wardrobe by buying all their basic essentials during the sales season, so Black Friday, January after Christmas during the winter sales, summer sales... Write a list of all the basics you need for each season, then make sure to buy them when they are on sale. This way you will have a smart, timeless, classical wardrobe on a budget, like a stylish French girl.

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