The Oracle of Delphi Greek Choker

35.00€ 59.00€
  • terra aqua jasper, blue tourmaline and pearl
  • Handmade in the South of France
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Crystal Healing
  • 18k gold vermeil details, charms and divine Greek eye pendant
  • Comes in special flower of life, crystal cleansing, packaging.


Affirmation: Know Thyself.

Oracle of Delphi: In my deep mystery I breathe your fragrance swirling in your odourless soul,I return your mystery, revealing your destiny deep in the seed of your God Self — Ramon Ravenswood

In the temple of Delphi, one could meet the Oracle of Delphi, to understand their destiny of becoming who you truly are. Don't fear or reject your true self. Only you, with all of your beauty and chaos can bring to the whole, what your divine expression can be and give.

This combination of ... Terra Aqua Jasper,Blue Tourmaline and Pearl, awakens the guidance of the oracle, whom is alive within you, to unlock your true destiny here on Earth: To know thyself. Terra aqua japer is the supreme nurturer that welcomes you into radical self-acceptance, pearl channels self-worth & wholeness, Blue Tourmaline evokes feelings of peace and ....