Blue Chrysocolla Necklace -Limited Edition

24.50€ 49.00€
  • Handmade in the South of France.
  • Chrysocolla, Amazonite & Apatite gemstones.
  • Gold plated details & gold filled chain.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine crystal healing.
  • Comes in a crystal cleansing package, with a flower of life crystal grid to be used daily.
  • LENGTH: 38cm + 5cm extension


Chrysocolla is the gemstone of transformation, evolution and unites the forces of heaven with the Earth. 

Amazonite is considered a powerful amulet, used to heal physical, mental and emotional blockages. It helps release fear of change and feelings of being stuck, helping to overcome life's obstacles. Amazonite supports flow, play, creativity, expression and communication and brings clarity which is necessary for manifestation work.

Apatite removes toxic thoughts and brings stability. It is the gemstone for detoxification, changes, achievement of goals and personal development. It reminds you that your bodies is your temple. It needs devotion, careened that there is nothing more sacred then being you. Apatite also unblocks the throat chakra to support expression and peaceful communication.