Channelling Number 5


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  • Moonstone, Sunstone & Pearl
  • Gold Plated 
  • Adjustable Choker
  • Handmade with Love in the South of France 
  • Designed by a Traditional Chinese Medicine, crystal healer. 
  • Comes in special flower of life, crystal cleansing, packaging.
  • Lenght 36 cm + 4cm extension

Channel your creatrix, creative power and beauty associated with the number 5, with this Boho,  Chanel inspired necklace made of Pearl, Moonstone and Sunstone. 

This combination of gemstones support intuition, channeling, sensuality, wealth, beauty and Joy. To be worn daily for added Parisian, la bohème chicness that would make Coco Chanel inspired by your Muse Aura je ne sais quoi.

Moonstone is the gemstone of the Goddess, in the fullness of her triple archetypes of maiden, mother and crone. Acknowledge your full presence in its entirety, like the moon. Moonstone guides you into self-acceptance of all your necessary cycles that takes you to your completion. This Choker puts you in alignment with the cycles of your body and the moon, your intuition, creativity, fertility, sexuality and power. It awakens self-love, self-care and your connection to nature, which is an extension of you. When a woman embodies her true nature as a Goddess, she shines. She becomes a powerful and unstoppable force of nature that nurtures all areas of her life. She stops people pleasing to become her authentic, self-pleasing self. She expresses her soul by singing, dancing, storytelling, painting and creating a new narrative. Her life becomes a masterpiece, which affects all.

Sunstone is a powerful gemstone, that will awaken you to the memory of being the luminous soul and ray of light. Sunstone boosts energy, vitality and fills you with the fire of passion that burns within, dissipating fatigue, stress and fear. It is also known as a gemstone for good luck and intuition.

Pearl reminds yourself and others of your self-worth, like the oyster that transforms the ordinary grain of sand into something extraordinary, such as the pearl, transmuting pain into a gift.