Cosmic Choker

Cosmic Choker

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This cosmic choker reminds you of your divine role in the cosmos. You are made up of the same energy that created the entirety of the cosmos. 


Blue Goldstone is rich in copper which builds blood, immune-system and energy. Blue goldstone helps builds confidence by opening your third eye to see through the veil and see who you truly are, formless eternal cosmic energy.


Moonstone is the gemstone of the Goddess, in her fullness of her triple archetypes of maiden, mother and crone. Moonstone puts us in alignment with our cycles, intuition, creativity and power. Most of us women have repressed our divine feminine energy to adjust to our masculine over-analytical culture that sub estimates intuition, self-care and nature. When a woman embodies her true nature as a Goddess, she shines. She becomes a powerful and unstoppable force of nature that nurtures all areas of her life. She stops people pleasing to become her authentic, self-pleasing self. She expresses her soul by singing, dancing, storytelling, painting and creating a new narrative. Her life becomes a masterpiece, which affects all.


Pyrite, also known as fool's gold, represents wealth, abundance and riches. It opens you to receive all that the abundant universe wants to give you, but that you've been unconsciously blocking.


  • Made with blue goldstone, moonstone,  and pyrite.
  • Handmade in the South of France
  • Gold Vermeil Details and Pendant.
  • Moonstone pendant.
  • Gold adjustable chain.
  • 34 cm


Occasionally our jewellery are handmade to order and may take 10 days or more to arrive to an international destination outside of Europe.