Lakshmi Moonstone Necklace



  • Amazonite
  • 22K Gold Plated 
  • Adjustable Choker
  • Handmade with Love in the South of France 
  • Designed by a Traditional Chinese Medicine, crystal healer.
  • Comes in special flower of life, crystal cleansing, packaging.

Affirmation: I am love, beauty and I am whole.

Named after the Indian Goddess of beauty and love, this 22K Gold Plated necklace with a divine feminine symbol of a crescent moon, was designed to bring out all your sensuality and femininity. It is adaptable to be used long or as a short choker, ideal to be layered gypsy style or alone.

Moonstone is a gemstone of femininity, fertility, creativity, that supports you to connect to the cycles of your body and the moon. The most powerful gemstone for women.

Inspired by the Tribal Fusion, Shakti dance, scene. These goddess chokers adorn the sacred feminine body and energy, bringing fluidity , sensuality, and flow in motion. The perfect statement necklace to transform your day or evening outfit into goddess wear. This necklace was designed to brings sensuality, beauty and to remind you that you are a beautiful, wild woman that stands out, wherever you are and go.

When you receive your Goddess Necklace, create a ritual to receive her healing energy. Light a candle, smudge the room, put some binaural beats in the background. Surrender to the healing of this magical amulet and trust that she will work on your energy, because she is a skilled and wise healer.