Metamorphosis Goddess Choker
Metamorphosis Goddess Choker

Metamorphosis Goddess Choker

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Like a caterpillar that experiences metamorphosis to become a beautiful butterfly soaring high. This goddess choker has a combination of gemstones that unlock transformation, evolution, reinvention, expression and play. We are sacred space having experiences. Choose and focus your attention on what desire you want to achieve.


Apatite is the gemstone for detoxification, changes, achievement of goals and personal development. It pushes us to become more selective with what we want to experience, starting with our habits. Are they serving us or not? Our bodies and mind are our temple. They need devotion and care. Which habits need to be cultivated and which ones need to be changed. There is nothing more sacred then being you. However we sometimes forget this and make less then great choices when it comes to our daily habits, such as, getting enough sleep, rest, eating the foods that truly are nourishing to our bodies and being aware of of toxic thoughts and situations. Apatite awakens you to parenting yourself through unconditional love, guiding you through your choices be the best version of yourself. Redefine, reinvent and become who you always wanted to be and truly are: beautiful and limitless.


Aqua Terra Jasper, known as the supreme nurturer was used to work on your energy centres, unblocking, reprogramming and resetting the natural flow and healing abilities of the wisdom of your body. It’s the acupuncturist and energy healer of gemstones, clearing away all energy blockages for you heal and re-centre into source. It balances YIN and YANG energy, but it also connects the etheric, light body with the physical body aligning your soul with your higher self for guidance and deep healing. It relieves stress and anxiety by quieting the mind and allowing intuition to speak in place of ego.


Amazonite is a gemstone of creative expression and play. It works on heart, throat and third eye chakras allowing an easy, light and effortless, flow attitude to life filled with joy.


  • Made with Apatite, Amazonite and Terra Aqua Jasper .
  • Handmade in the South of France
  • Gold Vermeil Details and Pendant.
  • Gold adjustable chain.
  • 34 cm 


Occasionally our jewellery are handmade to order and may take 10 days or more to arrive to an international destination outside of Europe.