FREE Styling Appointment 1:1



30 minutes


Whether you want to shop for an anniversary, birthday, or add to your personal collection, I would love to meet with you for a personalised styling experience. 


Welcome to my shop! Just like when you shop in a physical shop, you receive advice on:

  • How to style the jewelry?
  • How to wear it?
  • How to layer it?
  • How to combine it?
  • What it goes with?
  • How the jewelry can be used in a variety of ways?
  • What to get for that special person in your life? 

I will sit with you on a online zoom and show you my latest pieces and answer all your questions for you to get the right jewels and pieces for your needs.



STEP 1: Select Day and Time for your virtual styling appointment with Dani Hunter, Jewelry Designer of Lila In The Sky.

STEP 2: Submit your online booking form.

STEP 3: You'll receive an email confirmation with your appointment details.

VIRTUAL STYLING: your appointment will take place through Zoom. Link will be automatically provided for your virtual appointment.

STEP 4: Make sure to add the appointment to your calendar. You'll also receive a friendly email reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment.

STEP 5: Have your cup of tea ready and be on time for your appointment at the selected time and come ready for a fun, personalized shopping experience!


*We understand that life happens. If you find yourself having to reschedule, we appreciate if you can do so through the link on your email confirmation 24 hours prior to your appointment. You are busy and I am a busy jewelry designer too, honouring your time. So do make sure you are honouring mine too.


**I will not be doing crystal healing sessions during this time for FREE, so if you would like to book a crystal healing session with your custom made piece of healing jewelry, I have this option available as a payed consultation.