The Medicine Mala
The Medicine Mala - Lila in the sky
The Medicine Mala

The Medicine Mala

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This Mala was created for self-healing. Like a shamanic, medicine ritual, this gemstone combination aligns and unblocks all chakras. It integrates masculine and feminine energy and provides deep healing. This mala is to be used for soul retrieval, it awakens you and helps you to incarnate into your divine humanity, teaching you the secrets of shaman's that integrate the invisible with the visible world. This mala aligns you with source while grounding you deep into the earth to walk in Beauty. 


Aqua Terra Jasper is a gemstone of alignment, that not only balances YIN and YANG energy, but it also connects the etheric, light body with the physical body aligning your soul with your higher self for guidance and deep healing. It relieves stress and anxiety by quieting the mind and allowing intuition to speak in place of ego.


Garnet represents root and heart chakras, and it's a gemstone to align you with your purpose and destiny, to serve life. It helps with grounding and re-centering. It represents the heart of the shaman, that understands that we are here to grow ourselves into a co-creator of the cosmos. 


This gold vermeil buddha symbolises alignment and inner peace.


  • Made of 108 Gemstones
  • Handmade in the South of France
  • Gold Vermeil Details and Pendant.
  • Dark Ivory thread.


All Malas are handmade to order and may