The Moon Tracker Necklace

  • 18K Gold plated
  • Moonstone
  • Healing Symbol from Atlantis

AFFIRMATION: I have phases like the moon and my cyclical nature is where my power resides.

This moon tracker necklace moves to track the cycles of the external moon and your internal moon, your menstrual moon cycle, aka infradian rhythm. A woman's power resides in the wisdom of her cyclical nature, which is connected to the moon. 

This innovative necklace appeared in a vision to our designer Dani Hunter during her full moon ritual. It was downloaded to help women to remember their sacred connection to their bodies, nature and the altered states that women can tap into during their moon time. When all women remember the power of tapping into these natural occurring altered states of consciousness, that happens through our moon, our menses, then we can fully embody our power. The design was handmade and cast into gold by our exclusive jeweller.

*Comes with a guide to be printed at home on the power of connecting with your inner and external moon: