Water Mala



  • 18k gold vermeil details
  • 108 Gemstone Japamala 
  • Handmade in the South of France
  • Gold Macrame, Aquamarine Pendant
  • Hand knotted using dark ivory thread
  • Aquamarine, Terra Aqua Jasper, Pearl & Blue Tourmaline.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Crystal Healing

Affirmation: I flow like water.

Using gemstones that enhance fluidity of spirit. This luxurious mala combines some of the most nurturing gemstones and pearl, to allow the body deep relaxation, purification and healing. Made using principles of Chinese medicine gemstone healing, this mala was designed for those who feel like the world and life seem overwhelming. Handmade with a complex macrame, aquamarine pendant. This mala takes a long time to make. 

Aquamarine calms the body, slows and soothes the mind, allowing you to communicate and express your truth. When you speak your truth you empower yourself to live your truth. 

Aqua Terra Jasper is know as as the supreme nurturer, gemstone of alignment to heal and unblock your chakras. It balances YIN and YANG energy and connects the etheric, light body with the physical body aligning your soul with your higher-self for guidance and deep healing. 

Blue Tourmaline is used in TCM for converting knowledge into wisdom by letting go of the need of pursuing external knowledge by bringing awareness into the internal pursuit of connecting with wisdom of source. It is advised to be used as jewellery to bring a feeling of security and protection.

Pearl is the ultimate symbol of wholeness and purity.

    When you receive your healing mala, create a ritual to receive her healing energy. Light a candle, smudge the room, put some binaural beats in the background. Surrender to the healing of this magical amulet and trust that she will work on your energy, because she is a skilled and wise healer.