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Whole-hearted Mala

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This powerful Mala combines three, strong gemstones: Green Aventurine, Tiger's Eye and Gold Obsidian. A power manifesting trio that work on the solar plexus and heart chakras, to remind you that you are here to play an important part that only you can do. Great if you want to step into, what Brene Brown calls, whole-hearted living, which means to not be afraid to be judged to be authentically you.

Tiger's Eye works on the solar plexus calling you to action. Your destiny and dharma depend on the actions you take now. Forget fitting in and people pleasing. Tiger's Eye will remind you that you are the Queen of the Jungle, and that an Empress needs to take important decisions that influences her whole queendom. The right decisions are the ones that come from the heart, and that's where green Aventurine plays her part.

Green Aventurine is a gemstone that opens the heart chakra and reminds you of who you truly are, a loved being of love. When we remember who we are and feel loved, we are ready to be and live authentically. Its reputation of bringing good luck and miracles is due to the old saying "good things happen to good people". The universal law of Karma is about cause and effect. When we act through our hearts, we receive the abundance and love the universe wants to support us with. Expect miracles, blessings and luck when green Aventurine comes into your life.

Gold Obsidian is the shamanic talisman of the Mayans, the powerful manifesto that remind you that you are the divine architect of your life. Like poet Cleo Wade says, once we care to be brave, we are the president, the environmentalist, the hero that we were waiting to save us. This is a powerful gemstone that remind us that we are the awakened dreamer and the change that we want  to see in the world. Are you ready to live whole-heartedly?