Freedom Fighters Teal Blue


Our new scarves are a collaboration with our Parisian, Wilddust Sisters, all made in France, to bring boho, wanderlust vibes to our community. Mix and match them with your goddess jewelry, tie them on your wrist, add to your neck, layered with your necklaces or like a proper bohemian gypsy, add it to your hair.


This scarf is about travel, road trip, adventure ... Inspired by the style of bohemian travellers, those who walk the roads, those who go on adventures and seek wonder.


There's a wild side to this motif called "paysley", and although it's quite classic in the world of retro scarves, we wanted to twist it in our own way. In old school tattoo culture, the snake symbolises the thin line between life and death: that tightrope on which you feel most alive after all. The one you brush up against every time you step out of your comfort zone, push yourself, or simply face one of your fears. And as always, that's when the magic happens. 


In short, remember that in any journey, there is always an element of danger, otherwise we couldn't call it an Adventure :-). It is often written, but "NO RISK = NO MAGIC"...  It's more than a credo, it's a way of life!


MATERIAL90% Polyamide / 10% ElasthaneTechnical material, cold-fighting, super stretch

SIZE Squared 60cm x 60cm

PRODUCTION Made in France