Kamayura Amazon Sacred Ceremonial Choker


The Xingu people who inhabit the Amazon have been creating this sacred choker for ceremony, which is considered the most sacred and prized piece of jewelry, also used as a trading coin within the the trade of the Amazon's people. The making process for this ceremonial  choker involves rituals and prayers. The snail known as Inhu is considered a sacred gift for the Xingu, and they leave behind their ivory shell in the forest of the Amazon. Before collecting the shells in the forest, the Xingu pray to their ancestors to ask for permission to be granted to look for the shells. When the permission is given with the guidance for the path, they leave for the collection and sculpt each shell into a disc, before mounting it to pure cotton.

We' re proud to have partnered with Tucum from Brazil, to bring true sacred ceremonial indigenous jewelry to our global community. Tucum has won an award of recognition for it's socio-economic activism in preserving the Amazon and it's people. The company is a member of Origens Brasil, that promotes sustainable businesses in the Amazon and areas of conservation, guaranteeing the origin, transparency, traceability of the production cycle and ethical commerce.

All the jewelry by Tucum directly impacts the multiple Indigenous natives who live in the Amazon and serve the rainforest as their wise guardians, ensuring preservation and conservation.

When you purchase any of our jungle jewelry, you are voting with your wallet and impacting the world through your activism.