How to use the moon tracker necklace?

To use your moon tracker for the first time, you need to be on the first day of your menstrual cycle. 


Find the new moon symbol opposite the full moon and place it in front of number 1 on the calendar. You can also choose the full moon as your symbol if you find it easier to track and if you want it to represent wholeness of your being.


Every day you move your chosen moon symbol to the next number and you can track where you are on your phase and journal your emotions and energy levels, so you can understand your cyclical nature and how this affects your life and personal projects.


We women are the creatrix force of the universe, which means that our bodies are wired to create life and creative projects that nurture life. 


Every new moon cycle is a cycle to envision a new project, which can be a new skill, a new intention, a new beginning or reinvention, a new learning... 


Week 1 (1st- 7th day of menstruation) 

Winter Phase/ Death Rebirth Phase


Energy is low, asking you to stay quiet and to go inwards. 

Allow yourself to review your life, your actions, your lifestyle. 


You are actually experiencing an altered state of consciousness and hypersensitivity. You are prone to visions, downloads, messages from your higher self, visions for the collective, channeling...


Let go of limiting beliefs, collective narratives and ideas of success that are not aligned with you. Think of all those “should’s” that don’t make you feel excited to be alive.

Any dream, idea or goal that makes you feel contracted are big signs of what needs reviewing. 


Your body should not be constricted, stressed or anxious. Anxiety is a beautiful message asking for reflection and reviewing. The things that make you feel light, alive, filled with passion, radiance and love are the path to explore.


Allow your menstrual blood to help you energetically release all that no longer serves you.

Do you feel like you are living the best possible version of your life? What needs reviewing? Journal this process.


Week 2 (Day 8- 14th)

Late Spring & Summer Energy/ High Energy Creative Phase


Energy, libido and creativity is at it’s peak. Time for action, visibility, socialising... You feel more beautiful and sexy at this time and in need to use your creativity. Use the power of your energy peak to put your creativity in action, schedule talks, events, network...


Week 3 (Day 15th- 21st)

Late Summer & Autumn Phase/ Coming Down & Harvest Phase


This is either a phase of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and it depends on whether you feel like you have planted the seeds that are now ready for harvest, or maybe you feel frustrated and anxious.  Be aware of the feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration as they are asking you for awareness. Journal any feeling of frustration and also journal the feeling of satisfaction to stay on track.


Week 4 (day 22- 28th)

Late Autumn & Winter Energy/ Distillation & Clarity Phase


Less interested in social events and needing to cocoon and be alone more. Irritiability due to a need to be alone and reflect. Time to let go energetically of what hasn’t worked previously and to understand the lessons learnt from that cycle. But there may also be satisfaction and a need to be alone to integrate new energetic processes, if cycle was fullfillling.


*Keeping a journal to document your whole cycle is a powerful tool to track your body, soul and cyclical nature. Knowing yourself is your power.


You can also synchronise your monthly calendar and planner with your menstrual cycle. To best support you and where you are in your cycle.


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