About the Brand

Welcome to Lila In The Sky!


Lila in the Sky uses natural gemstones, wood and other material which are collected nomadically from Gaia, our Mother Earth. Our jewelry is all handmade with love and inspiration. 


Our precious amulets are filled with intention and meaning, inspired by travel, art, philosophy and mysticism. Jewelry that dreams are made of, because the vision and mission is to inspire and manifest collective dreams of beauty, abundance and agape. Agape is the unconditional love for all sentient beings in the world. You, me and all are one, we are the fabric of life.  


My dreams, my muse and my heart is my daughter, so it was a natural process to name the business after her, Lila Sky.


We consider our amulets, malas and gemstones as “mantras” which should be worn to embody our most precious intentions.  We believe that they are a necessary accessory for intentional, conscious and sacred living. A glimpse of an intentional jewel is enough to bring us back to the present moment, just like a mantra.  When life throws challenges at you, it is vital that we stay grounded, so we can move through these moments gracefully.  Our products will remind you of how unique and precious life is, keep you centred so you continue to shine your light.


About Me   

Hi, I’m Dani Hunter. I am a mother who has roots from Brazil and California, a nomad who has a creative flair. My creativity expands from my heart where I make custom jewelry, write poems, write children’s books and create events to guide people to their centre. 


I have a bachelor’s degree in film and Art, I’m a nutritionist, a certified NLP coach and art therapist. My hobbies include painting, travelling, collecting various items and music. My passions create my income, so I can stay centred and true to my purpose, living life wholly.  Alongside this business, I have published children’s books, poems and I’m the founder of Ecstatic Dance Toulouse. I am a woman of many lives and many passions. 


I am from a family of gypsy women whom travelled far to follow their hearts. My mother is from San Francisco and my dad is from Rio de Janeiro of Portuguese descent. My grandmother is Australian and her mother was Scottish. After living and travelling around the world, I ended up in the south of France, for love. My daughter Lila Sky was born in France and is a nomadic explorer herself. The story the women in my family love to share, our lineage has Viking Blood. 





 I want to make you a necklace

Of flaming gold suns

And silver moon stones

To wear,

Whenever you want to feel 

Like you are the most precious gem

That was born in this Earth

Because you are

Made from star dust

And designed 

With perfection

By the cosmos itself

A divine gift.


To see more of my poetry Instagram @unapologeticpoetry

Art: @dani_hunter_dreams & @selfportraitstories