Hello Beautiful Gem,

You are a multifaceted gem! Just like our jewellery, you cannot be defined or put into a box...  Instead we find the gems and jewelry that reveal all that's precious about you. 


You don’t believe in magic... You know it exists.
You understand the world as energy and vibration. So you wear jewelry to unblock your energy centres and rise your vibration.
You live, the Navajo prayer “walk in beauty”,
you live your life seeing the beauty in all, the beauty of life...
You make everything around you more beautiful. 
You accept who you are and love your unique, individual expression. So you love unique and authentic jewelry pieces.
You shop for those hidden gems... For the jewelry collected from your travels, through middle Eastern deserts, and souks. You shop handmade, and you
know that the artisan & maker will sit with you, and tell you the story of how each piece was made and created... and how it was inspired...
Your body is sacred and your jewelry is too. You adorn your body to express your mind and your spirit. So you choose to wear unique jewelry, because you are a unique gem.
The jewelry you wear says so much about you. It tells us what you value, how you see yourself and what you want others to see about you. It tells you if you are a pioneer, or a follower.
My Beautiful Gem, they say you come from another world... I know! They say that to me too. Not everyone gets us, but we shine wherever we go, bringing out the love and the beauty of those who cross our path, and reminding the world to “Walk in Beauty”, just like the Navajo prayer.
I invite you to travel and walk in beauty with me. It’s a path filled with magic, and it’s not the main road...
You have always been the kind of person  that inspired others around you. A true pioneer and visionary ahead of your time.
And so am I...


About Me   

I am Dani Hunter, a dreamer and storyteller. I tell stories to heal hearts and the heart of the world. My stories are told through my art and jewelry, to remind you, that you are the storyteller of your story and life. 



The jewelry I make tells the story of a jewelry maker, a Brazilian-American girl, that grew up by Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro. This girl collected crystals and had an Artsy, Boho-Californian Mom with Australian-Scottish ancestry, that would read her Tarot cards, the leaves in her tea and the palms of her hand.

 She grew up collecting crystals, doing art, dancing, spending time in nature and during the summer holidays it was a tradition to go to the magic, bead shop to get materials to last the summer. 

Summer was about the beach, nature and making jewelry, going to the theatre, and making art. This girl grew up to become a traveller, who worked in a cruise ship, backpacked the world, lived in Portland Oregon, San Francisco and London before settling in the South of France. 

Lila in the Sky was named after my French, multicultural daughter, Lila Sky. After Lila was born I couldn’t stop drawing, painting, writing and making jewelry. Lila awakened my creative fire. After she was born, a book I wrote for her was published in Brazil and in France. I made her paintings, poetry, songs, studied art therapy, became an art teacher and my hobby was making jewelry.

After coming home from a Shipibo-Conibo, shamanic ritual with a shaman I have known for years, jewelry became my main art medium. I received a message from crystals that I wrote down in my journal, and how to use them for healing, which was so beautiful, and which I'm still processing as I work with them, and hope to share one day in a book.

However what I can share now was the main message from my ritual...  I was told to allow myself to be guided by love and joy, and to bring this love and joy to others through my creativity. Making jewelry is a fire that burns deep within my heart, that together with my obsession for crystals, heal and fuel me. 

I know that this fire of feeling limitless, beautiful, blissful and complete is infused in all my jewelry. Jewelry and jewelry making, represent to me, the Navajo prayer, “walk in beauty”, which is to transform everything around you beautiful. Everything we love becomes beautiful. 



My obsession for crystals and gemstones grew, so I got my certification in crystal healing, known in french, as Lithoterapie. After my certification, I felt hungry and restless. I realised that all of the courses on crystal healing out there, come from information that was channeled. We all channel and I channel myself. But I also have a background in science. The scientist in me wanted more. So this is where my journey of learning the Traditional Chinese Medicine, system of crystal healing began. I am undergoing my studies in this ancient art, used by Daoist priests and traditional Chinese medicine healers.

I am the only gemstone, jewelry brand that does this. The only one that loves explaining to her clients, that gemstones are piezoelectric energy conductors, used to power our computers and electronics. That this energy conducting influences the electrical currents that travel through meridians (energy channels) in our body. Electricity is everywhere, even in the human body. Our cells are specialised to conduct electrical currents. Electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain, making it possible for us to move, think and feel. The jewelry I make influences this electrical-energetic aspect of our incredible human body.

I love telling my clients that amethysts absorb gamma rays, electromagnetic pollution. And that gemstones emit infra-red, well known for detoxifying the body and the cells. 

My love for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) comes from my love for holistic healing. My mother introduced me to acupuncture when I was 10 and I see an acupuncturist to this day. I studied nutritional therapy in London after receiving my bachelor of Art. I love the fact that the first acupuncture needles were made of Tourmaline, that emits piezoelectric pulses to stimulate accupoints. In TCM, jewelry is used prescriptively to stimulate these important accupoints. And I am the only jewelry brand that uses this knowledge to make jewelry. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been widely researched and supported by scientific studies.

As a student of the work of philosophers, astrology, symbols, myth and Carl Jung (whose books I absolutely adore), I love to infuse my work with sacred symbol and semiotics (the study of symbol). I am under an intense mentorship of one of leading expert, Jodorwsky’s direct pupils studying the origins of the Tarot of Marseille and semiotics. I am a Piscies, I go into everything I love and study, very, very deeply...

I make ever-evolving jewelry for the ever-evolving woman.The jewelry I make for you will surprise you every season, for my work is an art in progress, for the multi-faceted gem like yourself that cannot be defined, put in a mold, or in a box. For the cyclical woman you are that has phases like the moon and tides like the sea.

 Jewelry for me is about adorning your body and spirit. Your body is the temple and vehicle of your soul. I make jewelry to allow you to embody fully, the beautiful body and life you have been given, designed by the cosmos itself.


I want to make you a necklace

Of flaming gold suns

And silver moon stones

To wear,

Whenever you want to feel 

Like you are the most precious gem

That was born in this Earth

Because you are

Made from star dust

And designed 

With perfection

By the cosmos itself

A divine gift.