What are Malas?

What are Malas?

The word Mala comes from Sanskrit and means "garland of beads". 108 bead Malas have been traditionally used by Yogis and meditation practitioners in order to achieve a deeper meditation that can re-generate and reprogram our minds, transforming our health. This 3000 year old ancient technology has been successfully used for centuries to anchor us to our breath, the present moment and to our meditation practice.


Why 108 beads?

Yogic breathing, chanting and sun salutations are traditionally practiced 108 times, (nine rounds of the 12 postures = 108) to align our rythyms with the the rythms of the cosmos and creation.


Better then a meditation App

We have been regularly teaching a combination of Mala Meditation combined with Kriya Yoga meditation techniques, and the feedback we get from our students is that Mala Meditation is a game changer, better then a Meditation App.