How to purify & charge your crystals & Malas


Chrystal gemstone How to purify & charge your crystals & Gemstones


Cleaning and charging your crystals and Mala is an extremely important practice in vedic and shamanic cultures, to purify your gemstones that are conductors of energy, receiving frequent input from the environment. Usually spring water, or rainwater are used for purifying gemstones, but because our Malas are hand knotted with thread, using water can stretch out the knots and ruin the Mala. We advise to never clean your jewelry with water.


Our gift box has been specially designed to purify and charge your Malas, gemstone jewelry and crystals with it’s symbol of the flower of life. By placing your gemstone jewelry back in it’s box, you are clearing unwanted, low frequency. The flower of life is a sacred geometry symbol containing the encoded creation pattern for the fundamental forms of space and time – a graphical expression of the connections between all sentient beings, and with the life force itself. Drunvalo Melchizedek ( The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life).


The flower of life represents the source and origin of the life force and energy of creation. For this reason it has been used for healing and purifying water bottles. And for this reason we use it to purify crystals.


You can also smudge your Mala with White Sage, Copal, Palo Santo and other smudge sticks of your choice.


Many traditional cultures also sunbathe gemstones in the sunlight and moonlight, note that it should be in a full moon, when symbolically it is the moment to release and let go of habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.


Take good care of your crystals, so that they can take good care of you.