Be the change!





When you purchase from Lila in the Sky jewellery,  you are supporting APIB, the Articulations of Indigenous peoples of Brazil. The indigenous people of the Amazon are our teachers, and the guardians of Gaia and Amazonia. We need to preserve the people of the Amazon, in order to preserve the source of wisdom and their habitat, which is the foundation of preserving all life in our planet. 


"The Brazilian Amazon’s Indigenous and traditional peoples are on the front lines of the planet’s spiraling human rights and environmental crisis , fighting to defend the rainforest and their homes, cultures, and ways of life from threats that also endanger humanity’s collective welfare.


With this report, APIB and Amazon Watch aim to compel complicit global institutions to reform, using their power and influence to ensure adherence to rigorous socio-environmental standards throughout their supply chains and portfolios."


The Amazon is the biggest rainforest of our planet. It is also the heart and lungs, and heart chakra of our planet. Our handmade jewellery and your conscious shopping, gives back and supports life and the preservation of the most beautiful treasure and wisdom that exists, our sacred rainforest, the portal to the spirit world. 


Thank you for voting with your wallet, for shopping consciously, supporting small and sustainable, artisan brands and thank you for being the change you want to see in the world!